Yummy round table veggie pizza (Added recipe)

Everybody likes to eat pizza. Homemade pizza is great meal. It is very easy to make pizza at home. There are many benefits of homemade pizza. I usually make pizza at home in the end of month. I learnt a lot same you are learning from our article and now i am much expert in it and have the title of good cook. You can easily adopt this recipe and you can also make great pizza at your home. You will love our recipe and much i love it. Pizza is a great thing and there is no disadvantage for eating it twice or thrice in a week.


Creamy Garlic Sauce:
1 table spoon butter,
1 table spoon flour,
4 cup milk, (warm milk)
¼ table spoon pizza seasoning,
pinch Salt, pinch pepper and pinch nutmeg,

Melt the butter at low temperature. Stir flour for 2minutes. Mix garlic, pizza seasoning, salt, nutmeg and pepper and cook them at low heat. Stir it for 2 minutes.

½ Cup chopped baby spinach,
¼ Cup Cheese,
½ Cup onion, (Sliced Red Onion)
¼ up marinated artichoke hearts, (chopped)
½ Cup tomatoes (Chopped)
¼ Cup Onion (Chopped Green Onion)
¼ Shredded mozzarella,
¼ Cup Shredded cheddar,
¼ Cup ground parmesan,

Spread sauce on the whole pizza. Add some amount of spinach and top the pizza with fontina. Now you can add veggies. Top the pizza with mozzarella, cheddar and parmesan.

Mostly Swiss cheese is very much more in sodium. Saltier cheese is good for you. It is much good for everyone. Mostly fresh mozzarella cheese is also contains low sodium. They contain low sodium than other cheese. Fresh mozzarella is very much soft. You must do a best thing to cube it. Smoked mozzarella is also contains low sodium and it gives a great smoky look to dish.
Round table pizza is much good option for everyone. It is much yummy and is a great meal. You can get advantage from homemade pizza. The first benefit is that you become great cook, secondly you get great words of praise from others and third you can make and enjoy pizza any time whenever you want. Homemade pizza will give you more pleasure than ready made pizza. We added something in a recipe. I hope you will like it. Just try it and tell us about it. We are waiting for your comments.

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