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“X Phone” by Google – The True Competitor of Apple and Samsung

“The Wall Street Journal” has unveiled a stunning news for the lovers of Smartphones in the form of upcoming “X phone” a product of Google-owned Motorola. Today the market of Smartphones has been completely held up by Apple and Samsung and still there is no competitor of these two brands in the real manner. Now, Motorola is planning to introduce its sophisticated “X Phone” next year in the market. As this project is a joint venture of Google and Motorola, so this will be a real bombshell in the market of Apple and Samsung Smartphones. Motorola engineers are struggling hard to prove this first time product of a partnership between Google and Motorola to capture the market of Smarphones and grasp the attention of next-generation phone lovers. Up till now, the releasing date of “X Phone” has not been finalized, but it is expected in the first quarter of next year.

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