Women have secrets that even their boyfriends can’t tell.

Women have secrets that even their boyfriends can't tell
Women have secrets that even their boyfriends can't tell

People often say, “Women are scared. They hide their secrets.” So what do you really know?

“I can’t tell my boyfriend honestly …” I will tell you her true intentions and secrets.

From my boyfriend’s point of view, I think “Is it really!”, But a boyfriend who knows everything and loves all of her is wonderful. Accept her that much! ?? It’s really nice to have a man who loves me so much.

Then, those who are ready for their hearts! Take a look at the seven amazing realities of a woman. (* Of course, it does not apply to everyone. I don’t know.)

1. Actually a virgin.

This becomes harder to say as we get older. The reason why it is difficult to say is, of course, that there is an opinion that “(experienced number of people) 0 is really a little …”. I understand that virginity is a hassle, but it’s a fact that can’t be helped. Isn’t it nicer than being embraced by a strange man? Please give me an adult response.

Is she a virgin? If you think

“I wish I were the first.”

Please tell me lightly. Even if it’s not the first time, I’m happy with the cute yakimochi, and if it’s the first time, it’s easier to tell the truth.

2. Actually, the number of experienced people is cheated.

Overestimate or underestimate. I’m sorry, there lies at all. I try to guess the ideal number of men and match them. I don’t want to be drawn because there are many and few. Take her feelings and don’t interfere too much. It’s a lie because he thinks about his boyfriend.

3. Actually, I don’t really like my boyfriend.

Do you think, “Well, is there such a thing?” Actually, there are none.

He confessed when he wanted to rely on him for a moment. He liked me when I wanted to talk a little. I thought I would love it if I went out with him. There are various reasons such as. I wanted a boyfriend for the time being. I honestly often hear the terrible reason. The more you hit it, the more it will come out.

But don’t be confused there. The fact that you are “dating” remains the same. After all, women like confident men. Don’t even think that you aren’t loved. It’s okay to be negative. Aside from the reason, she still falls in love with her boyfriend who loves herself.

4. Actually, the night life is hard

Sex is compatible, so there are good / bad. Women are not as libido as men. Perhaps because of overlooking AV, all women want to have sex! Some virgins think that, but some women don’t.

Are you happy with your night life?

Are you acting forcibly?

Please become a boyfriend who cares about delicate parts smartly.

5. Actually, I know my boyfriend’s cheating.

Women have the ability to distinguish other women’s pheromones. After your boyfriend has an affair, dress up, buy souvenirs, clean up, and you’re good to go! Even if she pays close attention to her, she realizes that something is different.

There was a man I knew who had to go to the hotel instead of at home so that she wouldn’t get caught. He also took a shower and it was perfect! When I thought about it, the smell of shampoo and conditioner was different from usual, so it seemed that my affair was gone.

Your flirtation may be out of control. Men’s negligence of “I don’t think it’s going to happen” is absolutely. Since it is a world of “somehow” sensibilities, it is a story that cannot be reached by men as an animal.

6. Actually she also has an affair experience

On the contrary, it is a pattern that she is having an affair. This will hurt men as well. I think that the boyfriend who reflects on himself who is cheating and strives to be a better man is a really cool man. Even if she has an affair, she continues to work for her at her own risk. you are stupid! ?? I don’t care if people around me say that. In the end, she is captivated by such a good boyfriend.

7. Actually, I have never shown my true face

Some women find it difficult to remove their makeup. I thought it was no makeup, and I had light makeup. After my boyfriend went to bed, I removed my makeup and finished my makeup before I woke up.

I can’t show it because I have a woman’s desire to show only the good points to my favorite people. Women who cannot be confident in themselves put particular emphasis on makeup. Never say, “Isn’t your makeup strong?” Let’s firmly say “I also like makeup”. To give her confidence, “Agechin” is not “Ageman”. A nice boyfriend.

To a generous man who can love even if he knows the secret

There are quite a few complexes for both men and women. I keep it secret to hide the complex. Please enclose the secrets she hides and become a boyfriend with a wide range of things that you can say “like”. I’m sure you can be a wonderful couple.

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