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Why Do Most Women Suffer From Hormonal Disorders?

Why do most women suffer from hormonal disorders
Why do most women suffer from hormonal disorders

One of the serious harms of not adopting a healthy lifestyle is an imbalance in women’s hormones. The seriousness of the problem can be gauged from the fact that one in three women suffers from hormonal disorders.

Symptoms of Hormonal Disorder:

Common symptoms of hormonal imbalance include obesity, especially central obesity (which increases the proportion of fat on the abdomen and hips), impaired menstrual system, more or less bleeding during menstruation, the abdomen in the majority Increased pain in the lower extremities, hair loss, the appearance of hard hair on the upper part of the lips and on the scalp, rashes due to oily skin, acne and gradually darkening of the back of the neck, etc. Are

In addition, egg production is affected, which can interfere with pregnancy. Only then do women, despite appearing to be healthy, lose their motherhood for a long time, then in the cycle of most witchcraft trials, the period when the hormonal balance can be corrected, even though it is a treatable disease.

In some women, the pregnancy stops due to a defect in egg production, but it does not last long and thus it is lost before it matures. Unfortunately, in our society, instead of treating it as a disease, superstitions are usually resorted to.

Causes of hormonal imbalance:

Changes in sleep, waking hours:

Nature has connected our body system to the system of the sun and the moon. When the sun rises, the body naturally releases stress hormones that provide energy for the running of life and physical exertion. When the sun goes down in the dark, the relaxing hormones are called melatonin hormones in medical terms.

Under a well-organized system, parents begin repairing breakdowns throughout the body, waking up late at night and staying up late after sunrise cause many hormonal problems. Also, not getting pregnant. Or loss is the result of this hormonal imbalance.


Most of these women do not do housework and do jobs that involve a lot of sedentary work, so they have hormonal problems because they do not have enough physical activity, which results in the body losing weight. Muscles do not become active and the basic chemicals that control the growth of hormones in the body are affected, resulting in reduced sensitivity to the insulin hormone, which affects the female hormones and results in an imbalance of the resulting hormones. Is.


While stress causes many diseases, it also causes hormonal disorders.

Overuse of carbohydrates:

Our body needs carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, salts and water. A diet that contains all these ingredients in the right amount is called a balanced diet. Unfortunately, not only have we dangerously increased the use of carbohydrates in our diet, but we have also changed our meal times, increasing the risk of developing hormonal disorders and diabetes.

Environmental impact:

Toxins or toxins that are growing in our environment are also causing hormonal imbalances.

Vitamin D deficiency:

Numerous studies around the world have shown that vitamin D deficiency can also lead to hormonal disorders. It can also cause many other medical problems related to women.


Sometimes hormonal disorders are passed on from parents to children, so parents of children with hormonal disorders should pay special attention to their own health and that of their children. Adopt a positive and simple lifestyle, as much as possible to prevent this disorder from being passed on to the next generation.

If hormonal disorders are not treated in time, the chances of developing cervical cancer are greatly increased.

It should be noted that in the medical field, the combination of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure is considered to be a precursor to uterine cancer, as there is a steady increase in the rate of hormonal imbalance in women due to negative lifestyles. Is coming, so there is a need to take timely precautions.

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