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Why Android phones become so popular

Android phones are becoming so popular now-a-days. Majority of people are moving towards Android phones due to its uniqueness. Microsoft is trying to shake hands with Android for boosting the position of Windows phone. But what are the things which are making Android phones such popular among people. In this article we are going to discuss the points which are making Android phones Popular.

What makes Android so popular?

If we look at the followers of Android then we will get huge figure and Google’s Android has already overtaken Symbian as well as Window mobile. We are going to tell you how and why did this happen:

1. Android is Free OS
when it was launched, Android was made free. It was made free at the time of launch. Its makers announced that it will continue to be free onward. This is the first and the most important thing which makes it so popular among people. It was used as operating system at the time of launch. It gained a huge response and much smartphone makers took to it. OS got more attention of people when it was more boost when it was introduced in Samsung mobiles like Galaxy series.

2. It is Open Source OS
Another thing which makes Android more popular is that it is the open source of operating system. It is protected by copyright like many other operating systems and the source is totally open for all just like LINUX. One more uniqueness is that its developers are much contributing in its improvement. They are not costing Google much for its improvement.

3. OS is Customizable
The most important reason of the popularity of Android is that it is easily customizable. Users can easily customize the operating system according to the requirements of their and according to their budget. This is pretty cool. People are also able to modify the source code according to their needs. You can also make addition and alteration in it because addition and alteration in the process is possible. These all operating system are much easy to use and much flexible.

4. The OS contains lots of apps
Some other operating systems contain so many applications same like Android. Many of the applications are added by developers who have easy access to it all around the world. Users are able to select apps they actually need.

5. Adaptation by Popular brands
Adoption of OS by the most powerful brands of the world like Samsung and many more resulted in the popularity of operating system. Samsung made it bridge towards good quality and success. Android phones are becoming most popular just because they are democratic. Almost 75% smartphone has OS, 15% has iOS as operating system and rest of 10% has other operating system.

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