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Why a healthy breakfast is so important?

They say, how we start our day determines how the rest of it goes. As we grow up, this becomes the lesson of life; I bet most of you will agree. No one likes to wake up to a noisy household or an angry boss and the days when such dangers strike, it’s not until the next morning that you feel better. No matter what goodies you get that day, this one part of you will remain disturbed throughout. Yoga, meditation, lovers letter, Gucci, Prada. Nope! Not going to help. You have to wait until the new days new sun rises and secretly hope that history doesn’t repeat itself.

Speaking of happy mornings, I hold that the most important thing that matters more than your pay cheque, is a delicious and a healthy breakfast. No meal of the day without a doubt is more important than a healthy breakfast and this is not just a theory, it’s a fact. The nutrition your body gains in morning is the most necessary. The meals of the rest of the day are secondary. This does not mean that they aren’t important but it sure stands that they aren’t as important as a wholesome and healthy breakfast.

Here are five reasons why a healthy breakfast is so important:

  • Let’s start the benefits with the grandest of all. A healthy breakfast helps with weight control. Yes it’s true. If you have a healthy breakfast intake, you will feel full and less hungry during the rest of the day, which will lead to your weight being controlled
  • For university or school going teachers and students, a healthy breakfast is of great significance because it helps your brain is grasping your course of study efficiently
  • For athletes and gym freaks, a healthy breakfast gives strength and the power to endure tough physical activities
  • This one’s specifically for the ones who are facing cholesterol complications or are likely to face any In the future because of the genes. A healthy breakfast helps in maintaining cholesterol levels
  • A healthy breakfast intake boasts your immune system which as a result makes you active and automatically improves your productivity concerning any type of work you may engage in

Here are the things that make up a healthy breakfast: bread and grain, which may include cereal and muffin. Milk is very essential, and for those who don’t have the taste of milk, can have juice, fruits and vegetables to compensate. Wholegrain is a must for a healthy breakfast, my favorite kind of whole grain item is granola bars, discover yours and make it a part of your daily healthy breakfast.

All those times when your mother forced you into having the entire plate of breakfast, are the times you should thank her for. A healthy breakfast could be your sword to protecting yourself form various health hazards and day to day troubles that many of us face such as dizziness, nausea. Acidity, heavy headedness etc.

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