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What kind of person is jealous?

What kind of person is jealous? The characteristics, causes, and cures for jealous people are open to the public!
What kind of person is jealous? The characteristics, causes, and cures for jealous people are open to the public!

The characteristics, causes, and cures for jealous people are open to the public!

Jealous people have various characteristics, such as boyfriends and girlfriends who are reluctant to play with the opposite sex due to lovers’ relationships, and who are tied up with burning sticks. For those who are worried that they may be jealous this time, or what kind of psychology is jealous? For those who are wondering, I would like to introduce some people who are jealous.

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Do you ever think that you may be jealous of yourself?

What is jealousy in the first place?

What are the psychology of jealousy and the causes of jealousy?

Common points and characteristics of jealous people

Love affairs of jealous people

How to fix your jealous personality

Do you ever think that you may be jealous of yourself?

Characteristics of jealous people

There are many men and women who are jealous of their lover. It’s just anxiety and a very normal feeling. You don’t have to think, “Maybe I’m heavy …” unless I’m bound too much. Jealousy = I love my lover so much.

However, the binding that causes trouble to the other party may lead to a cause of quarrel or parting. So, this time, for those who want to cure their jealous personality, I would like to introduce the characteristics and causes of jealous people and how to cure them.

What is jealousy in the first place?

In the first place, jealousy is, roughly speaking, jealousy. It’s the feeling of being jealous of someone else being better or wealthier than you.

In romance, the feeling of jealousy of other men and women because of the thought that “a lover may be taken by another person”. For example, it can be said that jealousy is that a lover feels unpleasant about going out for a meal with the opposite sex.

What is jealousy?

Jealousy refers to a person who has stronger and deeper jealousy as introduced above. For example, the person whose lover refuses to go out for dinner with the opposite sex is jealous.

Jealous people are not confident in themselves and become jealous because they feel that they may be taken by others.

Jealousy is often seen not only in romance but also in friendships. People who cannot be happy with the happiness of others when they are happy and not so happy can be said to be jealous.

What are the psychology of jealousy and the causes of jealousy?

Psychology that men and women are jealous

So what are the causes of jealousy and jealousy? This involves the underlying psychology of human beings, regardless of male or female psychology.

Envy of things I don’t have

One of the causes of jealousy is that someone else has something that you don’t have.

For example, when a friend buys a new bag or new pump from a popular brand, he feels jealous as well as envious. Those who have such experience are likely to be jealous.

Do you or anyone around you fall in love with someone who has a lover?

People with this strong feeling fall in love with those who have lovers because of the feelings of “I envy the lover” and “I’m jealous of the lover being loved”.

Envy of losing what you have

Jealousy for a lover comes from the feeling that you may lose what you already have. The reason why that psychology develops into a binding …

Everyone has the same feeling that “I don’t want the opposite sex to come around my lover as much as possible.” However, a jealous person develops into bondage from there, causing trouble to his lover.

Common points and characteristics of jealous people

Jealous person

Next, let’s look at the commonalities and characteristics of jealous people. If you look at the characteristics and often apply to yourself, you may also have jealousy.

Characteristics of jealous people

1. I hate to lose and try to compete with others

People who have a high pride and hate to lose have a strong desire for exclusivity and have a psychology that they do not want other people to rob their lovers and friends. People who usually compare themselves with their surroundings and mount them can be said to have a jealous personality.

Besides, the person who tries to get it when the person he likes suffers does not like the opposite sex, but he hates it as much as he can.

The characteristics of women who dislike men and women are open to the public. What is the attitude and habit of a woman with a bad personality? What is the attitude and habit of a woman with a bad personality?

From women with bad personalities who are harassing to women with negative habits, this time we will approach the reality of women who dislike it!

I have to always go in front of others

People who think that they have to go before others can be categorized as disliked. If you are not always at the top, you will not be satisfied. It can be said that such a person is likely to have a jealous personality.

I hate losing so much that I feel like I don’t want to lose, not only in my work but also in my romance.

2. I like branded items and the latest items

People who like brand-name products and people who are vulnerable to the word “new release” and just buy it. It can be said that such people are also jealous.

This is not because I like the design of the brand and I am attracted to the performance of the latest items, but because I want to immerse myself in the superiority complex of “I have something better than others.”

Is there anyone around you who is proud of branded or newly released items? By bragging, you’re probably getting satisfaction.

3. Strong attachment to everything

A strong attachment to everything is also a characteristic of jealous people. People who are very particular about it will be obsessed with their lover even in love.

For example, people who only buy clothes under the same brand, people who eat the same lunch every day, and people who only interact with the same friends. I think a person who thinks “this person is there” will emerge.

People with a strong attachment have psychology such as “I want you to spend more time with yourself than with other people” and “I don’t want you to go out with the opposite sex other than yourself”, which leads to jealousy. Yeah.

There is also a tendency to depend on one thing

It’s similar to attachment, but people who are highly addicted are also characteristic of jealousy. People who have been playing the same mobile game for years, or who are too absorbed in their hobbies. You see it once in a while.

People who are obsessed with one thing and are addicted to it are also addicted to their lovers and are a cause of jealousy. In addition, people who are highly addicted are more likely to be bound, so be careful.

4. Have trauma in past romance

There is trauma in love

People who have had an affair in the past are traumatized by love and inevitably become jealous. You can’t believe the other person’s words, or you can easily doubt the small things. In this way, once you have a trauma, you cannot easily wipe it off.

When it comes to trauma, even a person who was originally a sullen personality turns into a jealous personality.

5. Always care about others

People who have a complex or have negative thoughts always care about the eyes of others. As a result, you will be depressed compared to other people.

People with strong intentions such as “I think I’m bad for this person” and “I want to be considered good for the people around me” tend to be jealous.

Tends to compare yourself to others

People who are not confident in themselves and are immediately depressed compared to those around them

Someone who keeps his spirit by finding out what he is better than others

The type with these characteristics may have a jealous personality. By seeing whether you are above or below compared to other people, you have a stronger desire to always have an advantage.

Even in romance, the moment you think that you may be losing to the opposite sex around your lover, you may start to bind yourself.

6. When a good friend talks to another person, he gets sullen

Many jealous people burn not only their love affairs but also their friendships.

For example, a friend who you thought was your best friend was playing happily with another friend, or when there were a lot of people and a good friend was talking to another friend all the time.

You may feel uncomfortable or moody. This type is especially common among junior high school and high school students.

7. There are few things and hobbies that are absorbed

People with few hobbies tend to be jealous because they are more dependent on others. If you have a game or sport that you are absorbed in, you can enjoy it without depending on people.

However, non-hobbyists try to spend time with their lovers and friends on holidays and free days. It is a characteristic of jealous people that they monopolize as it is and interfere with their lover’s hobbies and time.

Love affairs of jealous people

Jealousy emotions tend to appear in everyday life, but the most notable is love. What kind of love affairs do jealous people have? If it applies to your boyfriend or girlfriend, it may be a jealous person.

1. I want to stay connected to my lover via LINE or phone

One of the love affairs of jealous people is that they always want to connect with their lover via LINE or telephone. Immediately mark a message from your lover as read and reply to it, or make a long phone call every night before going to bed. The other person cares about “what you are doing now and where you are with”.

People who make frequent contacts, regardless of whether their lover works overtime, are likely to find their lover jealous. I’m fundamentally worried, so I want to know everything about my lover’s life.

2. Tends to bind boyfriends and girlfriends

Jealous people tend to tie up their boyfriend / girlfriend’s private time. When I was told to go out with a friend, I said “send me a photo”, or I called while my lover was out. There are some people who are jealous of such behavior.

People who are jealous will refuse to even go out with friends in the first place. It quickly burns the friendship of a lover.

3. Restrict talking to other people of the opposite sex or going to such places

One of the characteristics of jealous people is that they directly deny “conversation with the opposite sex”, “contact with the opposite sex”, and “going out with the opposite sex”. The person who binds is an act because he is jealous.

I’m worried, so when I’m with you, I just get a LINE or message from the opposite sex, and I suspect that I’m cheating. It limits your lover’s private life and will make you feel “heavy”.

How to fix your jealous personality

Finally, I will teach you how to cure your jealous personality. A jealous personality can be a cause of dislike. If you’re already aware of it, try to cure your jealous personality.

1. Don’t worry about others as “I am myself” and “Others are others”

The point of how to cure jealousy is to not worry about other people, such as “I am myself” and “Others are others”. It’s best to believe in your lover and not interfere too much, rather than worrying about people’s eyes or comparing them to others.

You have your goodness. Be confident in yourself because you are attracted to its goodness and are with you.

2. Work hard from small things and gain confidence

If you have a weakness or a part that you are not confident about, you can gradually become more confident in yourself by working hard to improve that part.

If you feel confident in yourself, you will be able to cherish your private life without being obsessed with others. It’s hard to change everything at once, so let’s do our best from small things.

3. Immerse yourself in your hobbies and work

Finding a hobby that you can immerse yourself in or immersing yourself in your work is also a good way to relieve your jealousy. For example, try participating in a sports club or attending a cooking class.

Once you find a hobby that you can immerse yourself in, you will no longer be obsessed with or monopolized. As a result, you can improve your jealous personality. It also has the advantage of allowing you to spend more time meaningfully.

4. Stay away from jealousy

Stay away from your jealous lovers and friends. Before you leave, you may think that you can’t live without that person.

However, when I look away, I’m surprised that “Oh, I can live even if I’m away. I’m fine alone.”

Most anxieties come from beliefs. First of all, please try to calm yourself away from those who are jealous.

5. Reaffirm that you are jealous

First of all, in order to cure jealousy, you need to check your condition. By understanding “Is I really jealous?” And “Is it feeling that way for other reasons?”, You can see how to cure it.

Therefore, let’s first reconfirm your current situation. If you feel that you have a jealous personality after checking it, please cure it one by one.

To those who cure their jealousy and are loved by everyone …!

Cure jealousy

A person with a jealous personality will bother others around him, such as his lover and friends, if he goes too far. If it bothers you, it can create a gap in the relationships you have built and make it worse. Therefore, if you are aware that you are jealous, please make an effort to cure it.

People with a jealous personality are caused by anxiety. Anxiety comes from your lack of self-confidence, so spend your days confidently and positively.

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