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What Are The Measures To Lose Weight To Improve Diet Efficiency?

What Are The Measures To Lose Weight To Improve Diet Efficiency
What Are The Measures To Lose Weight To Improve Diet Efficiency

Are you worried that you won’t lose weight? If you don’t get close to your target weight, you’ll be impatient. Therefore, this time, I will explain the causes and countermeasures for not losing weight, and effective training separately for aerobic exercise and muscle training. Learn the right way to lose weight and make your diet a success!

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▼ You will lose weight, so it’s okay. So don’t rush.

▼ What is the cause of not losing weight?

  1. Overeating
  2. I’m eating a meal in a hurry
  3. The diet is biased
  4. Lack of sleep
  5. Constipation continues
  6. Poor posture (stoop)
  7. Weight is not measured at the same time
  8. Swelling
  9. Cold sensitivity
  10. I can’t exercise to lose weight
  11. Muscle training increases muscle mass
  12. It is time to not lose weight
  13. I have stress
  14. Set a tough goal

▼ What is a diet menu to lose weight?

Aerobic Exercise | What is exercise that can burn fat?

Muscle training | Training collection to improve basal metabolism

When you don’t lose weight, lose weight wisely in an effective way!

You will lose weight, so it’s okay. So don’t rush.

“I’m exercising but I don’t lose weight …”

“I want to lose weight, but I’m afraid to get on the scale because I can’t lose weight.”

Are you worried about dieting? If you don’t lose weight even though you’re trying hard to restrict your diet and exercise, you’ll be stressed if you don’t lose weight …

However, as much as the word “stress fatness” is used, stress interferes with weight loss. If you take the time to lose weight, you can lose weight in a healthy way, so it is important not to rush.

Causes of not losing weight | Find out the reason and take appropriate measures!

First, check what is the cause of not losing weight! After that, we will introduce the countermeasures according to the cause. Let’s see which one applies to you.

Causes of not losing weight – Overeating

No matter how much you exercise, if you eat too much, you will not lose weight easily. Continuing a greasy diet, such as fried food or ramen, is not desirable for a diet.

To lose weight, adjust your diet and menu to make sure you don’t overeat on a regular basis.

Measures against overeating ▷ Calculate calories

Calorie calculation is what you want to keep in mind to lose weight. Checking how many calories you consume in each meal will help you adjust your diet and set the amount of exercise, and will help you to motivate your diet.

Depending on the food, it may turn out to be “unexpectedly high in calories”, so remember the approximate calories for each food. Calorie calculation is the rule of thumb to lose weight!

Causes of not losing weight – Eating food in a hurry

Are you in a hurry to eat every day? When you’re busy, you tend to eat meals early. However, be aware that eating in a hurry will not cause you to lose weight.

Measures to prevent eating too fast ▷ Chew firmly and eat slowly over time

By chewing firmly and eating over time, the digestion and absorption of food becomes active. It consumes more energy than eating fast, and as a result, eating slowly makes it harder to gain weight.

Chew about 20 times each time you include food, and take at least 20 minutes for each meal. Measure with a timer and try to be conscious of losing weight from your diet.

Causes of not losing weight – Diet is biased

Are you eating an unbalanced diet, such as eating only vegetables to lose weight?

If you have an unbalanced diet, the necessary nutrients will not be distributed to your body, and you will end up with an unhealthy body. Especially if you eat only sweets as a snack, it is difficult to lose weight.

First, make sure that your diet is not biased, and then lose weight with an appropriate diet. However, be aware that fasting has the opposite effect on your diet.

Measures to maintain a balanced diet ▷ Eat three meals a day in a well-balanced manner

Eating a good balance of nutrients will improve your constitution and improve your metabolism. Proteins, vitamins and minerals are especially effective when taken during a diet.

Protein has the effect of increasing basal metabolism, and vitamins and minerals have the role of helping the effect of protein. Be aware of the three nutrients and try to eat three meals in a well-balanced manner every day.

Causes of not losing weight – Lack of sleep

Continuing to stay up late and sleep deprived is a disadvantage for losing weight. Growth hormone, which burns fat in the body, is secreted during sleep, but lack of sleep reduces the amount of hormone secreted.

Lack of sleep makes your body harder to burn fat, and as a result you can be annoyed if you don’t lose weight. Try to sleep well every day.

Measures to eliminate sleep deprivation ▷ Stretch to improve sleep quality

Stretching before going to bed at night, such as after taking a bath, stimulates the parasympathetic nerves and enables a deep sleep. In other words, “stretching before going to bed = a good sleep effect can be obtained”.

If you get into good habits to fall asleep, a large amount of growth hormone that burns fat will be secreted, making you more likely to lose weight.

Causes of not losing weight – Constipation

Are you still constipated?

If constipation continues, the digestive efficiency of the body will drop sharply, and metabolism will decrease, making the body prone to gain weight.

If you turn it over, if you eliminate constipation, your metabolism will increase and you will be more likely to lose weight, so try to eliminate constipation.

Easy constipation measures ▷ Train your stomach

If the abdominal muscles are not trained, the position of the intestines that promote defecation will be lowered, and constipation is likely to occur. In addition to exercising, try incorporating a method of stimulating your abdominal muscles into your diet menu to rejuvenate your intestines.

If you strengthen your stomach and improve constipation, you will be able to lose weight easily.

Cause of not losing weight – Poor posture (stoop)

Be careful as bad posture (stoop) interferes with your diet. Poor posture causes poor blood flow and lymphatic stagnation, making it difficult for fat to fall off.

To lose weight in a healthy and beautiful way, it is easier to get closer to your target weight if you are aware of “correcting your posture”.

Measures to improve stoop ▷ Review habits that tend to stoop

It is necessary to correct habits in order to eliminate poor posture (stoop) and achieve weight loss.

Reduce time on your PC or smartphone

When working at a desk, I sometimes get up and stretch



Avoid crossing your legs

Hang the bag not only on one shoulder but also on the other

First, be aware of the above and try to correct your stoop.

Cause of not losing weight – Weight is not measured at the same time

Do you always weigh at the same time?

Since a person’s weight increases or decreases by about 1 to 2 kg a day, he / she may gain weight depending on the measurement time.

If you’re trying to lose weight, such as exercising or eating, but you still can’t lose weight, maybe it’s because you’re on the scales at different times.

It’s a good idea to set an alarm, such as measuring your weight at this time.

Measures to measure correct weight ▷ Weigh immediately after waking up and before going to bed

I told you that you can gain or lose about 1-2kg a day, but when is the best time to measure it?

The answer is right after waking up and before going to bed. Immediately after waking up, you will not be affected by weight gain or loss such as eating or defecation, and you can accurately measure whether you are losing weight. Also, before going to bed, it is recommended to set it as a time to check whether the diet you worked on in one day is working well.

Decide when to wake up and sleep and weigh yourself at the same time each day. If you’re working on the right way to lose weight, you’ll be able to see the benefits.

Causes of not losing weight – Swelling

If you have swollen legs or other areas, it will be difficult for your body to drain water and waste products, and it will be difficult for you to lose weight. It looks fat, so it’s one of the reasons I want to improve.

Be aware that swelling is more likely to occur if you have a lot of alcohol or if you keep the same posture. Some people say, “I lost weight after improving swelling,” so try to improve swelling and lose weight.

Measures against swelling of the body ▷ Drink 1.5L or more of water a day

There is a story that “swelling occurs if you drink too much water”, but it is only when you drink too much. On the other hand, if you don’t drink water, your body will accumulate water and swelling will occur easily.

Drinking 1.5 liters of water a day is a good way to go on a diet. Keep hydrated during the day to improve swelling and lose weight.

Causes of not losing weight – Cold sensitivity

“Coldness” is one of the typical problems of many women. Cold sensitivity worsens blood circulation in the body, makes the body prone to fat, and causes the phenomenon of not losing weight. It is said that the vicious cycle of blood circulation is the cause of poor circulation.

If you have a poor circulation, try to eliminate the coldness as the first step to build a body that is easy to lose weight.

Simple measures against poor circulation ▷ Warm your body in the bath every day

An effective way to improve poor circulation is to take a bath every day. By warming your shoulders in the bath, you can promote blood circulation and change your constitution to prevent it from getting cold.

If you promote blood circulation, you can create a lean constitution that burns fat easily, so try to warm up in the bath every day.

Causes of not losing weight – I can’t exercise to lose weight

If you’re exercising at home or in the gym but don’t lose weight, you may not be exercising to lose weight the right way in the first place. Rather than doing it in the dark clouds, exercising can be difficult to effectively lose weight without knowing the right practices, tips and menus.

You can also lose weight in a short period of time if you are working on an effective exercise method for your diet. First, make sure that you are exercising correctly and try to lose weight efficiently.

Efficient weight loss measures ▷ Get the strongest diet effect with aerobic exercise x muscle training

Exercise can be broadly divided into two types: aerobic exercise, which promotes the effect of burning fat, and anaerobic exercise (muscle training), which increases muscle mass and raises basal metabolism.

In other words, it can be said that the shortcut to dieting is to train your muscles with muscle training while burning fat with aerobic exercise. This article explains aerobic exercise and muscle training that can help you lose weight efficiently, so be sure to check it out.

Causes of not losing weight – Muscle training increases muscle mass

Have you ever had a good muscle training menu but didn’t lose weight?

Muscle training increases muscle mass in order to build a body that burns fat easily, but since the weight of fat changes to the weight of muscles, you may not lose weight even if you squeeze your body.

Even if you’re not losing weight, if you can shape it up, you’ll have a dieting effect, so don’t think too much about your weight.

Measures to determine if you have gained muscle ▷ Try to measure your body fat percentage

If you’re not sure if you’re on a diet because you don’t lose weight, it’s a good idea to measure your body fat percentage.

Measure before and after trying to lose weight, and if your body fat percentage is low, you can think that your diet is working. Check your body fat percentage along with your weight.

Causes of not losing weight – It is time to not lose weight

When you start losing weight, it is easy to lose weight smoothly at first, but after a certain period, the changes to your body decrease. As your body gets used to losing weight, it naturally reduces energy expenditure, and you are approaching a “stagnation period” when you cannot easily lose weight.

After overcoming the stagnation period, you will lose weight easily, so if you can’t lose weight, try a method to get out of the stagnation period.

Causes of not losing weight – I am stressed about not losing weight

As the word “stress fattening” implies, stress is the cause of fattening. If you are stressed, the amount of growth hormone secreted will decrease, and you will change to a constitution that makes it difficult to lose weight.

Especially during weight loss, you will not lose weight quickly and you will often be stressed, so play moderately and do what you like to refresh yourself. Refreshing your mood is also part of your diet.

Measures to prevent stress ▷ Weight loss! Think positively

If your diet doesn’t go well, you’ll get impatient. Once you wonder, “Can I lose weight?”, It becomes stressful and has an adverse effect.

Believe in yourself and act, “You will lose weight!” It is important to believe that your diet will be successful and to go on a diet with a positive feeling.

Causes of not losing weight – Setting hard goals

5kg reduction in one month! Do you have a tough goal in the first place?

Generally, it is said that about 5% of the body weight can be lost in one month. If you try to lose more than 5%, your body will reflexively try to store body fat and work to prevent you from losing any more weight.

If you try to lose weight for a month or a week, you may endanger your health, so it is important to go on a diet with a reasonable goal. Setting a reasonable goal to reduce gradually will help your diet to succeed.

Measures for setting weight goals ▷ Lose weight over a long period of time

As I told you that you can lose about 5% of your body weight in a month, it is good to think that it is difficult to lose weight in the first place. It is best to set a long period of weight loss such as 3 months or 6 months in advance!

If you set a goal longer than the ideal period, you will feel better without getting frustrated.

What is the recommended training to lose weight efficiently?

After confirming the causes and countermeasures for not losing weight, we will explain the recommended training to lose weight efficiently. Learn the correct exercise methods and tips to lose weight efficiently.

Efficiently lose weight! Aerobic exercise menu to reduce body fat around the abdomen

“Aerobic exercise” that keeps giving hypostimulation to muscles and converts sugar and fat into energy. It has the effect of increasing the metabolism that burns fat, and most people use it as a way to lose weight. If you want to lose weight, let’s go aggressively!

Aerobic exercise that is effective for losing weight – Running

The royal road training “running” of aerobic exercise. It is a little more stressful than walking or jogging, so it is gaining popularity to burn fat efficiently.

Calories burned vary depending on the speed and time of running but try to run reasonably until you get used to it.

The right way to run

Stretch carefully

Start with walking

As your body warms up, gradually increase your speed

Keep constant speed when it reaches a reasonable speed

Run for 20 minutes from (2) to (4)

Gradually slow down


Run for 20 minutes as a guide. Instead of running suddenly, start walking and gradually increase your speed.

Running tips

Breathe well in rhythm

Wear running shoes to soften the impact

Increase the running time as you get used to it

Be sure to stretch

Keep a constant pace

It is important to run at a constant pace. The faster you run, the easier it is for fat to burn, but be aware that it will be easier for you to get sick. Try to run for 20 minutes at a reasonable pace.

Aerobic exercise that is effective for losing weight – Shadow boxing

“Shadow Boxing” is an aerobic exercise menu that you can do indoors. It is a training that anyone can easily do, but has a very high fat burning effect. It’s easy to adjust your physical fitness, so try to work on it every day if possible.

The right way to do shadow boxing

Hold your arms at chest level

Punch diagonally forward to the right in the order of right hand jab ⇨ left hand straight ⇨ right hand upper

Return to the stance, relax and take steps for 3 seconds

Left hand jab ⇨ right hand straight ⇨ left hand upper punches diagonally to the left

Return to the posture again, relax and take steps for 3 seconds

Work on (2) ~ (5) for 5 minutes

Interval (1 minute)

After resting for 1 minute, do the remaining 2 sets


Shadow boxing will be done for 5 minutes x 3 sets. Adjust the punch speed so that you don’t get tired.

Shadow boxing tips

Maintain a constant pace

Every time I pull out my pants, I exhale and make a voice

Straight pulls your arms back and pulls out like a belly

Stretch your spine

The key to the effect of shadow boxing is to pull out a straight like twisting your stomach. You can create a slim belly by adding a twist to your abs. Especially if you want to make fine macho or constriction, try to move your abdomen.

Recommended for those who do not lose weight! 2 Effective Muscle Trainings to Remove Body Fat

What you want to do in conjunction with aerobic exercise is muscle training (anaerobic exercise).

Muscle training has the effect of increasing basal metabolism, which consumes energy without doing anything, and you can effectively lose weight by gaining muscle. Let’s aim for a muscular and firm body while losing weight.

Muscle training effective for losing weight – Normal squat

Muscle training “normal squat” with the ability of “No. 1 calorie consumption”. It is a popular royal road training menu as a method for models who are proud of their beautiful legs to work on, mainly because it has a high effect of tightening the legs. Efficiently train your lower body, which has a lot of muscle mass, and reduce the size so that you can wear slim pants!

The right way to do normal squats

Stand with your legs spread about the width of your shoulders

Turn your toes slightly outward

Keep your spine straight

Slowly lower your upper body while inhaling

When the floor and thighs are parallel, keep that posture for 2 seconds

Slowly return to the original posture

Repeat 20 times

Take a break for 30 seconds

Work on the remaining 2 sets


A guideline for normal squats is 20 times x 3 sets. If 20 times is difficult, reduce the number of times a little, and when you get used to it, try 20 times.

Normal squat tips

Inhale when lowering your upper body and exhale when raising your upper body

Do not curl your spine

Do it slowly

Be careful not to let your knees come out of your toes

Knee and toe orientation is the same

It is important to work slowly on normal squats. If you do it with momentum or recoil, the benefits of a normal squat will diminish and you may not lose as much weight as you want. Be sure to use the correct method and tips.

Muscle training that is effective for losing weight ② Normal push-up

“Normal push-ups” that stimulate the muscles of the upper body to create a slim body. This is a basic method for push-ups, so even beginners of muscle training can easily work on it. It is highly popular not only with men but also with women, so be sure to check it out to lose weight.

The right way to do normal push-ups

Spread your arms about two fists from your shoulder width and sit on the floor

Straighten your legs and balance your body with your arms and toes

Adjust to be straight from your feet to your neck

Make sure your face looks 1m ahead

Lower your body while slowly bending your elbows

When you lower your body to the limit of the floor, keep that state for 1 second

Push the floor with your wrist and slowly restore it to its original state

Repeat 15 times

30 seconds rest

After a 30 second break, do the remaining 2 sets


Perform normal push-ups 15 times x 3 sets. If you get used to it, please increase it to 20 times.

Tips for normal push-ups

Do not use your fingers, but use your wrists to push up the floor

Lower your body while inhaling and raise your body while exhaling

Straight from leg to neck

The face looks straight 1m ahead

It’s easier to point your middle finger straight so that your elbows don’t open too far.

For normal push-ups, the face should always look forward. If you are tired and look down, your buttocks will rise more easily and the muscle training effect will decrease. In order to maintain a straight posture, keep your face facing forward and look 1m ahead.

When you don’t lose weight, lose weight wisely in an effective way!

We have introduced the causes and countermeasures for not losing weight, and recommended effective training. If you know the cause and take corrective measures, your ideal target weight is not a dream.

You don’t have to rush if you don’t lose weight! First, take proper measures and lose weight efficiently.

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