What are the main causes of acne?

Acne is the biggest and worst problem. Acne can be on the skin of both boys and girls. Some kind of disorder can cause acne problem. Acne can worry you at any age. This is one of the greatest worry of people. I am going to tell you some main causes of acne. Read our below points and try to overcome your acne problem with our tips.

Causes of Acne:
Our skin contains a lot of pores. In our pores there are oil glands and also hair follicle. Sebaceous glands are the reason of acne. When the glands ooze out excess oil then the real problem starts. This leads to pimples and acne. We are going to provide the list of main causes of acne problem.

1. Imbalanced Hormones:
If your sex hormones are imbalanced then you can have acne problem. These imbalanced hormones can also cause problem in pregnancy. These imbalanced hormones can cause acne problem for you.

2. Un-sufficient Sleep can cause Acne problem:
If you are not having sufficient sleep this can be the reason of acne problem. Incomplete sleep can also lead us to many other problems. If it is your habit to sleep late at night daily it can lead you to depression, stress and many other diseases. This can disturb you from inside. This can disturb hormonal activity.

3. Stress:
According to research it has been proved that stress can cause many problems to you and it also helps in preparation of acne. Stress also increases adrenaline quantity in blood. Adrenaline is an active hormone present in girls and boys. This can decrease ability of human to absorb nutrient. This can also cause skin problem.

4. Clogged Skin pores:
when the amount of oil increased and dirt affects it then the real problem of acne starts. Dust in skin pores can cause acne problem. This can create infections. Bacteria grow on clogged skin and it can irritate you. These things can increase acne and pimples.

5. Unhealthy Food:
Unhealthy food cause many problems to you. It contributes in acne formation. Acne problem can be increase due to fried, junk and sugary foods. Some other foods which can formulate acne are dairy products, eggs, caffeine foods, alcohol, red meat, etc.


we told you some major causes of acne problem. These five points are responsible for your acne problem. Focus on these points and stay away from acne.

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