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Ways To Avoid Depression

Ways To Avoid Depression
Ways To Avoid Depression

Sometimes we don’t realize that we are suffering from depression or mental disorders due to internal anxiety. Depression is called anxiety or depression and anxiety means anxiety or worry which is a very painful and pathetic disease.

Psychologists say that depression can affect anyone. If you are depressed, your heart does not work in daily activities, you are depressed, you feel restless, nervous or helpless, then these are all symptoms of depression. Other conditions include loss of appetite, insomnia, weight loss, difficulty making decisions or loss of focus and memory. Depression can be dangerous if it lasts too long.

Being depressed?

Women are more prone to depression than men. Experts at the US National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH) say, “Depression is more common in women than in men, due to specific biological, hormonal and social factors that are unique to women.” One of the reasons for this is that women have more hormonal fluctuations, especially during periods, during pregnancy and after motherhood. After the birth of a child, women often go through postpartum depression, which men are usually unable to understand.

According to medical experts, most mental illnesses are caused by hereditary diseases and the surrounding environment. If one of the family members or relatives has been suffering from depression, it is possible that it will happen to you too. In addition, the financial situation and the unfavorable environment around also causes mental stress. People who suffer from cancer, heart disease or any other chronic illness also suffer from depression. Depression also affects people’s daily lives, making them reluctant to meet people.

Treatment for depression

There are many ways to stay safe from depression even without medication, including reducing stress, exercising, doing various breathing exercises and doing yoga. Getting therapy and consulting a psychologist is also an effective way, especially cognitive behavioral therapy because it changes the angle and style of thinking through communication.

Psychologists say that if depression is not severe and you do not have many problems, you can try to cure it by taking care of your diet, getting enough sleep and exercising regularly. However, if depression is so severe that it affects your daily routine, you should seek the help of a general physician, psychiatrist (psychologist, psychiatrist) or therapist for an accurate diagnosis. A psychiatrist usually treats you with psychotherapy, counseling, or a psychiatric session, while a psychiatrist diagnoses medication after performing certain tests.

Pay attention to your situation by recognizing negative thinking as a waste of time, and at the same time shake off disturbing thoughts from your mind by preventing your thoughts from scattering. Stay away from things that can disturb your peace of mind. Many people resort to TV, games and drugs to avoid anxiety, but they do not keep the mind calm for a long time. Instead, try to weaken negative thoughts through various exercises and try to get rid of disturbing thoughts by staying busy in the present.

According to a study by World Health Organization scientists, exercising three times a week reduces the risk of depression by 16%, while any additional physical exercise per week further reduces the chances of the disease. A common exercise to get rid of depression is to sit up straight on the floor or in a chair and cross your legs. Make sure you are not leaning and your feet are on the floor. Now close your eyes and focus on your thoughts.

Let the breath flow freely. If there is light music playing, pay attention to it, otherwise focus on your thoughts. When you start to get distracted, come back to the same thoughts that were in your mind a while ago. Slowly try to freeze the thoughts from your mind. Do this for ten minutes every day.

There are some foods that can help prevent depression.

Chocolate: Brown chocolate produces serotonin in the brain, which creates a feeling of freshness in a person and frees him from stress.

Vegetables and fruits: Regular consumption of raw vegetables and fruits plays an important role in relieving depression. They directly affect the human mood.

Turmeric: This is a natural remedy for depression. Turmeric is also useful for diseases such as inflammation of the brain and Alzheimer’s. Turmeric takes care of the overall health of the brain and helps in supplying oxygen to the brain.

Soybeans: Soybeans are very useful for any kind of mental illness. It works to improve mental balance and speed up the brain.

Avocado: People suffering from diseases like hysteria, depression and high blood pressure should make sure to use avocado.

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