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Waterfall Braid

This beautiful hair style will take just five minutes and you can give a beautiful look to your hair. Appropriate for all ages and all types of hair. You can do it will straight hair and can curl the falling hair to give it a more interesting look. It will give an elegant and stylish look to your personality.


Brush, rat tail comb, bobby pins, alligator clip, hair spray.


  1. If you have straight hair, straight them with a straightener. Tease them a bit to give them extra volume. But you can do it with curly hair too.
  2. You have to make a braid, which you can start from anywhere, as you wish. Ideal start it from the front, right or left side.
  3. Take a small section of hair and divide into three strands.
  4. Start as a braid, as we normally do, middle strands should go over the outer strands.
  5. Do one complete stitch and after that drop the middle piece and let it fall.
  6. Now take a little from the hair and add it as middle strand. It is a bit tricky but easy to do. Drop the middle strand and replace it with the new strand, at the same location.
  7. Take middle strand and cross it over the outer bottom strand. It will make an outer edge.
  8. Add hair to the out strand and cross the middle strand over.
  9. It means you have finished the second stitch.
  10. Do the process repeatedly and finish the complete braid.
  11. You have to create a diagonal line, from right temple to left ear or vice versa.
  12. When you are 2 inches behind the ear, twist small sections of hair and clip it with alligator clip. It will help you to hide the bobby pins.
  13. Use tow bobby pins to secure your braid behind the ear.
  14. Release clipped hair and fall them freely.
  15. Adjust the braid and use hair spray.
  16. You can curl your falling hair, if you like.

This hairstyle is perfect for all occasions, either it is a wedding or a dance party.

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