Warm welcome to New Year 2014 – Happy New Year

The New Year is one of the most celebrated events. People celebrate it all over in the world. Everybody start everybody start spreading joy everywhere. Everyone feels happy at that night. When the clock starting ticking and the countdown starts everyone can hear their heart beat clearly. Today is the last day of 2013. It is one of the most important events.
Guys we are going to step in 2014. It is just like we are going to taste a new weather. Many hotels are filled in many countries that especially people goes there just to celebrate New Year. People choose this occasion just to bring more happiness in their life so they can feel like they are flying in the air. This is the day of wishing your family and friends. This day brings much close to family and friends. This occasion is especially attracted for young ones as they spend quality time with their loved ones. Young ones celebrate the New Year very joyfully. New Year is the most popular event. According to research it has been proved that it is the most popular and celebrated event. This event is being celebrated in many cultures.
In Italy, Spain, UK and in some other countries there is a holiday in the 1st January.
Huge number of gathering gather at Embankment on the river Thames’s to see fireworks. The fireworks are around the London eye. This start when the Big Ben strikes twelve.
In Scotland huge number of Scottish celebrate New Year night. The famous place is famous street which is called princess street.
People in Greece turn off their lights before twelve and they cut vassilopita. Majority people play cards at that night.
Russian people consider it as Christmas Holiday. People gather at their home and do firework and make a huge noise in joy. People enjoy their time by eating good food.
Philippine’s enjoyed much at that day. Special parties organized by the government on that night.
Switzerland celebrates it in another way. They organize final match of Spengler Cup ice hockey Tournament. They usually held match at that day. This is their tradition.
Spain, the most beautiful place. It is famous for holding 12 grapes in hand at 12 at midnight. They eat one grape on eat tick of the clock. They consider good luck for them if they eat all 12 grapes within the period of strikes.
Every country celebrates in their own way. I am waiting when clock is going to strike twelve and I am damn sure you are also waiting anxiously. Let us forgive the people and mistakes you have done in 2013 and be ready to look at the clock with. Tick Tick is going on… Happy New year from our team.

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