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Vanellope Von Schweetz

Venellope Von Schweetz is a popular character, which was introduced in the new movie of Disney. Young girls are inspired by this character and you can find many girls with this hair style. It seems difficult but this hair style is really easy to create. It will take 10 to 15 minutes and young girls will love to move around with lots of hair accessories.


Brush, comb, rubber bands, candy button, flat head bobby pins, hot glue gun, other accessories of your choice.


  1. Pull your bangs on one side and straight them. They should frame your face.
  2. If you don’t have bangs, pull all your hair back and make a high ponytail and secure with elastic.
  3. Tease the top of the tail, on your head. It will give it more volume and hair will look thicker.
  4. Tie  a ribbon or licorice around the ponytail. You can  tie anything of your choice.

Now add accessories, you can use real things and well as fake candies.

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