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Valima- A Tradition!

The wedding day doesn’t end the wedding festivities in a Pakistani culture. Valima is an important day for the Muslim brides as it is an important suggested part of a wedding by the Islamic religion. Most people usually do not prefer going for other functions like Mehendi and Mayoon and rather they prefer the Wedding and Valima only as it is cost-effective and also easy to manage.

Just as the dress for the wedding day is important in the same way Valima dress is also an important part of the wedding seasonVa;lima Bride of a bride. Valima dress comes from the groom’s family and is a mixed choice of the bride and groom’s family.

After the heavy and loud look of the wedding with reds and pink on the hype people prefer going for a soft look on their Valima with the shades of peach, blue, green and gray. Along with the dress the makeup is also kept subtle and soft so that it complements the occasion as well as the dress of the bride.

The work on the Valima dress can be either heavy or light as per the choice of bride and groom’s family but the most preferred and suited work as per the occasion is the stone work.

Different designers have their range of Valima dresses being lined up in their boutique with outclass colors and beautiful work on them.

The best option for Valima dress is to keep it subtle and accordingly your makeup and jewelry should also be elegant.

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