Hair Styles

Upside Down Bun

This is a stylish way to tie your hair. You can try it in summers, when you don’t want your hair to touch your face and neck. It is not a classic bun, so it’s not very tight as other buns. So, it’s suitable for casual occasions. You can easily do it yourself.


You will need comb, elastic band, hair spray.


  1. Comb your hair and tie your hair in a low pony tail. You can use elastic for this purpose.
  2. Create two sections of hair, above the elastic.
  3. Pull the ponytail through this gap.
  4. Hold the end of pony tail and pull it straight, in upward direction.
  5. Twist the pony tail, around your finger.
  6. Wind this twist around the base of ponytail. Pull towards left and then in the upward direction. Keep doing so until bun it tight.
  7. Hold bun in your right hand and with the left hand wrap the hair tie around the base of bun. You can secure it with two hair ties, if you have to do a lot of movement. But one tie is also enough.

Use hair spray to secure small hair.

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