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Twisted up Hair style

This hairstyle is best for winter and looks really good on young girls. It gives them a casual yet stylish look. Really easy to make and you can do it quickly for any friend’s party of college get together.


You will need  clear elastic bands, hair brush, and Hairspray to make this hairstyle.


  1. Combe your hair and make a low pony tail.
  2. Divide this pony in two sections.
  3. Wrap the both sections around each other and create a twisted band of hair.
  4. Secure it with elastic bands.
  5. Apply light hold hair spray on pony and twist.
  6. If you face is broad you can leave few strings of hair around the both sides of the face.


This hairstyle looks good on all hair shapes. You can make a few changes as well. If you are wearing it for a formal occasion, you can add beads in the twist.

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