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Try hair roll and look elegant!

The hair is the most important thing that counts a lot in the outlook of women. Only by tying appropriate hair and wearing nice clothes a woman could look elegant and beautiful. These days different hairstyles have been adopted my women and girls. Some ladies prefer to wear their hair loose but some ladies like tied hair.

Cool Hair StylesDifferent hairstyles are available for all those ladies who want to keep their hair tied but in summers ladies prefer a hairstyle that looks neat and elegant and keeps hair off from their face. If you are also in the search of such a hairstyle, a hair roll is the best choice.

All you need to do in order to make this hairstyle is to wash your hair so that they are neat and clean along with that take a hair spray, some bobby pins and a comb. Once you have gathered all the required stuff split your hair into two parts. Start making a twist of one section by taking a small amount of hair towards the backward side of your head. Twist the hair on the other section and add it to the twist of the first section by taking it from the side of your forehead. Repeat the same process of twisting hair by adding the remaining hair in the initial twist being made. Once you are done with making a big twist pin it with the help of bobby pins. You can either tie up a pony tail of twists or you can turn it into a bun, it’s up to you. Settle your small hair with pins and make it look neat with the help of hair spray in the end.Tying your hair with bobby pins

This hairstyle is a perfect choice in summers which looks elegant and protects your hair from falling on your face.

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