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Triple Braided Tieback Hairstyle

It is an old hair style but it gives very classy looks and is very trendy as well. It is suitable for all hair types, either they are straight, wavy or curly. It is good for girls of all ages. It takes just 10 minutes, and you can create it on your own.


Brush, 5 clips to hold hair, hair elastics, Hair spray, rat tail comb.


  1. Divide the hair into two sections right into the middle of the head. Now divide into two parts again, there should be two square sections on each side of hair.
  2. Again divide each section into three smaller sections. You will have six sections in total. They should be equal, in terms of hair thickness. Keep smaller sections on the top and slightly larger near the ear.
  3. Secure five sections with a hair clip, so that you can do the one section.
  4. Braid all six sections one by one, while you secure them with elastics. Each braid should go down towards the shoulder, instead of going towards the back of the head. Each braid should reach at the center back of the head.
  5. Pick the top braid on each side and pull back to the center of the head and secure with elastic. You can remove the other elastics if you used them for securing the end of the braid. Rest of hair will look like the ponytail.
  6. Take next two braids and the pony tail of first two braids and secure them with elastic band with one inch lower. The rest of the hair will again take the shape of ponytail.
  7. Now pick last two braids from the both sides and the ponytail and secure all of them with an elastic band. You can also add a ribbon here, which will look beautiful.
  8. Let the other hair fall down and comb them.

It is a perfect hairstyle for all occasions and your friends will love it.

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