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Treat Your Depression With Exercise

Healthy body is not possible if you don’t have a healthy mind. Our lifestyle is giving rise to many problems and one of them is depression. Regular exercise is really important for a healthy body but now latest research has shown that it has positive effects on mental health as well. Exercise can help with depression .

Exercise helps people to get control of their lives and then feel less depressed. Everyone can use exercise to treat his depression but people with mild depression can take the advantage. You can do any kind of exercise, which you enjoy. 150 minutes of exercise, in a week, will help you to overcome your depression. However, if you have not exercised for some time, start it gradually. Start with a walk and go to more complex exercises.

You can join a gym or exercise class for this purpose. If you can’t afford, you can start doing it yourself. Play your favorite sport like football or tennis. Cycling is also a great exercise.

Do exercise regularly and treat your depression without any medication.

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