Tragic O.J. Simpson News. We’re Heartbroken to Report That At 68 Years

Many people are of the opinion that karma has come to haunt retired football player turned actor, O. J. Simpson. Since the beginning of his trial in 1994 for the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman till today, the case has been the most publicized and talked about murder case of the time. The real life murder case has been adapted in various works of fiction and commented upon by famous authors. Although it remains yet a mystery, it has highlighted a rather fascinating dichotomy and would definitely prove to be a good research question for sociologists studying racism. O. J. Simpson’s case might not be simple but some things are as clear as the knowledge that majority of the world’s population still ascribes to the black versus white ideology. All one has to do to reveal the wide gulf between the two races is write a mildly provocative article on O. J. Simpson’s murder trial and wait for cyberspace to take its course.

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The case which had previously taken the media world with a frenzy has, with time, reduced down to a simmer and the slow boil of the case to the point of saturation is because of the amount of media focused on it. Even after twenty-two years of endless debate, commentary, and many oohs and aahs, the world keeps churning out words after words – and quite recently, episodes after episodes – on the case. The TV series “The People Versus O. J. Simpson” has brought back the long ago not-so-buried case and in the wake of the rise of cyber age, it has given the corporate more fuel to churn profits out of and the world more candy to chew on.

Some recent articles circulating the internet document O. J. Simpson’s miserable life in prison. I wonder if the former actor turned prisoner will find all these speculations as fascinating as the readers do. Apparently, O. J. Simpson has realized that life is not all rainbows and butterflies and that people eventually leave – especially if you’re caught under murder charges. Formerly the running back for National Football League and later starring in many movies and TV shows, the all-time star (even more so after his trial) is a bit dazed for many of his female companions sending him pocket money have decided to take a backseat and let the world run down O. J. Simpson with its pity. As such, O. J. Simpson is unhappy and has been complaining about his misery and pestering his friends and family to send him money because apparently prisoners need stuff too. Reports say Simpson’s health is worsening and he has not been getting proper medical attention. Moreover, life has been tough for Simpson for he has been striking up fights with prison inmates, however, what he needs to realize is that even though he has bid adieu to the outside world, he needs to keep peace with the inmates since he is in for a long time.

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