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Top knot

A beautiful and classy hairstyle, which is very popular among the young girls. Girls with medium to thick hair density can enjoy it, but it your hair are really thin, try something else. It looks perfect for all face shapes.


You will need, clear elastic, bobby pins, hair spray and a hair brush.


  1. Smooth your hair with comb or hairbrush.
  2. Make a high pony tail.
  3. Braid ends and tie it with a clear elastic.
  4. Wrap braided ends around high pony tail. You can use bobby pins as well.
  5. Apply strong hold spray.

This updo looks fantastic will all dresses, no matter you are wearing a gown or skirt. It gives an elegant look to the young ladies, while girls will look mature and confident. You can make this hairstyle easily, with any assistant or hair stylist. This is ideal not only for parties but for everyday life as well.

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