Top 5 most visited places in the world

There are lots of places for visit in the world but we are going to tell you the most popular places of the world. You can visit these places and can spend a great time there. In our article we are going to tell you the top 5 most visited places in the world. I am damn sure you visited any of these places once or you will definitely visit this place in life.

1. Los Angeles
you know that Los Angeles has littered the whole world with its paraphernalia. Lost Angeles is the place of imagination. Here you can enjoy long stay in front of stars and they will give you extra ordinary look, you cannot find it anywhere else. It is the place visited by tourists a lot. Los Angeles comes at the first place and I am putting it on the top of the list. I personally love Los Angeles and visited it 5 times.

2. Chicago
Chicago is the place which has got America in its sleeves. It is the greatest place to visit. It is the place of great architecture, hearty food, award winning newspaper, superb universities and you can also find many die heart fans of sports. You can spend great time in Chicago and it comes at second place. Chicago is the most beautiful country I ever seen.


3. Tokyo
As you knows that Tokyo is the capital of Japan. Tokyo share border with Chiba prefecture to the east Edogawa River. Tokyo has got great mountain range. Kanagawa which is in the south along to the Tamagawa River.  Majority of people love Tokyo due to its beauty. Tokyo is famous for its beauty and I love Tokyo a lot.

4. London
I love London. I visited London many times. London is the largest city of England. It is also the largest city in Western Europe. London is situated on the River Thames which is in Thames in South-East England. It is the greatest place and it roughly contains population of 7.5 million people. In London you can find many great and superb places to visit.

5. Milan
Milan is located in the northernmost Lombardy region. It has got a great eclectic history of rulers such as Roman, Spanish, Austrian, etc. it comes at fifth place. Majority of people visit Milan every year and spend quality time with their partner or friends.


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