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Top 5 Foods for Weight Loss

We all know that it is very difficult to have a fit body. We don’t want to have unfit body. Majority of people try but lost to fail weight. In our article we are going to tell you simple and easy ways to lose weight. Our article is going to help a lot in weight loss.

1. Apples:
On the top of list there is Apple. Apple is the only food every doctor and experts suggest people to eat. Apple is the natural way of weight loss. It is weight loss food. Apple contains fiber, minerals and lots of minerals. Apple is such a food which is low in calories and also low in fat. Apple helps you a lot in weight loss as well as makes you healthy. Apple is low sodium food. Apples contain such vitamins which are very much beneficial for you in every way.

fresh-apples 2. Kiwis:
Kiwis comes at second place in this list. Kiwis contain a large amount of nutrition. Kiwis are also very much low in calories. It contains a large amount of fiber. Foods which contains large amount of fiber can help in reducing cholesterol level. Kiwi is such a food which is helpful in saving us from heart attack and heart disease. Kiwi is also very helpful in loss weight.


3. Pomegranates:
Pomegranates is the most beautiful fruit. It contains a large amount of nutrition and fiber. It helps a lot in controlling blood sugar level. One cup of Pomegranates contains almost 160 calories. Pomegranates contain Vitamin k, Vitamin C, and potassium. Pomegranates help a lot in weight loss. Eating it is more useful than of drinking its juice. You must add it in your diet to get a beautiful result.


4. Pears:
Pears comes at fourth place. They are rich in fiver. It also helps our digestive system. Pears are great source of weight loss. One pear almost contains more than 100 calories. You must add it in your diet.

Pears5. Garlic:
Garlic plays an important role in anti-bacterial affects. Garlic helps a lot in removing fats and cholesterol from our body. Garlic gives us advantage in several ways. It has got great advantage. It is very useful in weight loss.

We discussed five major Foods which are very much helpful in weight loss. These foods not only help you to lose weight but these foods are very much healthy for you. You must add these foods in your diet.

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