Tips to make your feet healthier and beautiful

Tough weather, especially summer season affects our foot a lot. Women mostly complain about their tough and rough feet. Weather first shows its effect on our feet. The reason is that the skin of our feet is much soft and it takes much effect of weather. Second reason is that after winter we avoid using close shoes and this is the reason our feet affected by weather a lot.

Our whole body needs our care but the parts which are visible needs extra care. If our hands and feet looks good and clean it plays a very important role in our personality. Just imagine your feet are black, rough and tough. What impact will becomes on others of you.
Winter save our feet due to use of socks, and close shoes. But when summer comes we avoid using them a lot. Our skin face sun rays a lot and it change the color of our skin which looks bad. We must wear such shoes which are airy but don’t get in touch with sun rays. We must save our outer layer of skin from sun. In summer season we must take extra care of our feet. Must wash your feet two times a day and apply moisturizer on it. Especially do it before going to bed.
Natural methods are also useful for care of feet. Take a lemon and cut it into two pieces. Rub it on your feet and let it for some minutes and wash it, then apply some amount of lotion on it.
Massage is very much beneficial for your feet. Must do massage daily. Massage will help your feet to reduce tiredness. Massage also plays a very important role in circulation of blood to our feet.
Almond oil is also very much important for your feet. Before going to face sun you must apply sunscreen on your feet. Massage your feet with almond oil and then wash them with warm water. Use glycerin for dead skin of your feet.
Also pay great attention towards your nails. One more natural method is that, mix honey and milk and apply it on your hands and feet and wash them after 20 minutes. You will get good result. Exercise is also much important for your feet. Must do exercise for better result. We told you some tips for feet care. You must pay attention towards your feet as they are also the important part of your body.

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