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Thorough Explanation Summary Of How To Make Good Health Habits

Thorough Explanation Summary Of How To Make Good Health Habits
Thorough Explanation Summary Of How To Make Good Health Habits

Good for those who want to do something to maintain their health or prevent illness, but are worried that they are in trouble because they don’t know what to do, or that they end up with a three-day shaved head. Here’s how to get into a healthy habit.

Health promotion involves a wide range of factors such as diet, exercise, sleep, smoking cessation, and oral care, so it is not desirable to neglect the other even if one is done.

We will introduce good health habits, focusing on those that you can easily start, so let’s make as many habits as possible and aim for health promotion.

First, let’s know the “reality” of your health condition

If you are aiming for good health, it is important to first understand whether your current body is at risk of illness.

To find out if you are at risk of illness, it is recommended that you refer to the “Health Examination Results”.

Know your body condition and find improvements

In order to know whether you are healthy or at risk of illness, it is essential to have a medical examination.

Even if you feel that you have no particular disorder, many lifestyle-related diseases progress without any subjective symptoms, and become more severe by the time you feel the disorder and are diagnosed with a lifestyle-related disease at the hospital. In many cases.

The regular health checkup that you receive once a year corresponds to a “screening test (screening test) to check if any illness has begun to develop or if you are able to maintain your healthn After receiving a medical examination, check the results for any abnormalities. If you have any abnormalities, you need to improve your lifestyle immediately.

Improve bad lifestyle habits as needed

If there are any test items that deviate from the standard values, review your lifestyle so that the results of the next year’s medical examination will improve.

For example, if your HDL cholesterol levels are too low, they are more likely to promote arteriosclerosis if left untreated.

To improve HDL cholesterol levels, “obese people first try to get rid of it by adjusting their diet”, “reducing foods high in oil, sugar and starch”, “EPA (eicosatetraenoic) It is necessary to improve eating habits and other lifestyles, such as choosing blue fish such as sardines, mackerel, and saury, which are rich in acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). A dictionary that understands ”Narumi-do Publishing, 2015 (2015), excerpted from page 43).

You need to look back at the results of your test to find out which test items are having problems and find ways to improve them.

In order not to become a three-day priest

Even if you know the lifestyle that you should practice to improve the numerical value of the medical examination result, it will not be effective if you can not continue.

Therefore, it is important to set “practical action goals” according to your lifestyle and motivation.

For example, “I’ve been frustrated going to the sports gym many times, so let’s do muscle training at home.” “It is desirable to cook by yourself for nutritional management, but lunch is inevitably eaten out. Think of a habit that you think you can continue, such as “at least order a menu with a lot of vegetables and a menu with a little salt” (however, if your doctor or public health nurse gives you instructions on lifestyle habits, You have to follow that).

Ingenuity to suppress blood sugar spikes

“Blood sugar level” is the concentration of glucose contained in the blood, and “hyperglycemia”, which raises the blood sugar level, is a bad condition for the body.

High blood glucose levels are high because hyperglycemia can cause illness, such as “when fasting blood glucose exceeds 100 mg / dl, the risk of developing diabetes is more than doubled” (Source: eHealthnet “hyperglycemia”). Be careful not to overdo it.

Elevated blood sugar threatens diabetes

People with high blood sugar levels need to be careful about diabetes. Diabetes is “a disease in which hyperglycemia continues chronically because the function of suppressing the rise in blood sugar level (glucose tolerance) is reduced due to the lack of the hormone insulin and its reduced action” (Source: eHealth Net) “Diabetes”).

Diabetes causes a chronically high blood sugar level, resulting in “hyperglycemia”, which causes arteriosclerosis, which makes the blood vessel walls brittle, and poses a risk of stroke and myocardial infarction.

Diabetes is also scary because it can cause a number of complications.

Complications may cause “damage to the blood vessels in the retinopathy of the eye (diabetic retinopathy), resulting in diminished eyesight and blindness”. (Source: Hiroshi Yatomi, Mitsuhiko Noda, “A Book That Understands All the Latest Health Examinations and Examinations,” Jiji Tsushinsha, 2015, p. 42).

Preventing a rapid rise in blood sugar level by devising the “order of eating”

One of the easiest ways to eat to prevent a sudden rise in blood sugar is to eat vegetables at the beginning of a meal.

“If you eat too much sugar-rich food such as staple foods such as rice, bread, noodles, potatoes, fruits, and sweeteners, your blood sugar level will rise sharply after eating (postprandial hyperglycemia).

However, if you eat vegetables first, you can slow down the rise in blood sugar level by the action of dietary fiber contained in vegetables. “(Source: Kenji Takazawa” Illustrated Preventing Arteriosclerosis! Latest Treatment and Correct Knowledge Nitto Shoin, 2015 (2015), p. 170).

Even if it is a burden to change the content of the meal to a healthy one or reduce the total amount, it is a habit that is easy to work on because it only changes the order of eating.

The trick to not raising blood sugar is to start eating with shinkoya, small bowls of vegetables, salad, etc., and then eat meat, fish, and rice.

When you have a meal in front of you, take a breath and make it a habit to think “in what order the blood sugar level does not rise easily”.

A good way to eat to prevent excessive salt intake

Salt contains sodium, one of the minerals our body needs, but excess salt is an enemy of good health.

Know the right amount to consume each day and develop eating habits to avoid overdose of salt.

Excessive salt intake increases the risk of high blood pressure

Excessive salt intake causes high blood pressure. In addition, high blood pressure can cause cerebrovascular accidents (strokes) such as stroke, cerebral hemorrhage, and subarachnoid hemorrhage.

According to the 2005 survey, the amount of salt was 12.4g for men and 10.7g for women, so it can be said that the salt intake decreased in 10 years, but it is said that the salt intake was 2 to 3g more than the target value. It is the current situation.

Moderate salt content by devising ways of eating and cooking

It takes a lot of time and effort to measure the amount of salt contained in the foods and seasonings that we eat every day. Therefore, let’s make a habit of “easy way to reduce salt”.

“Don’t drink the soup of noodles”, “Avoid pickles”, “Avoid the amount of seasonings such as soy sauce, miso and sauce”, “Switch to low-salt seasonings”, “Do not use salt for the seasoning of dishes” You can reduce salt without any effort by slightly changing the way you eat and seasonings

If you feel unsatisfactory if the taste is not strong, it is recommended to season it with something other than salty.

It is said that there are five human tastes: sweetness, saltiness, sourness, bitterness, and umami, and seasonings other than salt can also stimulate the taste.

For example, cooking with spices that do not contain salt, vinegar, natural soup stock, and flavored vegetables such as ginger and shiso will reduce salt.

Be careful of “hidden salt” contained in food

Be aware that foods that do not feel so salty may also contain salt.

For example, processed meats such as ham and bacon, breads that do not feel salty when eaten, processed noodles, and fish paste products such as happen often contain salt.

Be aware that processed foods tend to contain a lot of salt.

If you’re wondering how much salt is in the food you usually eat, look at the sodium section of the “Nutrition Facts Label” on the food packaging.

If you make it a habit to check nutrition labeling, it will be easier to avoid the risk of ingesting unexpected salt from processed foods.

10,000 steps a day has various effects on health

Walking with the goal of “10,000 steps a day” is recommended for those who want to do some exercise to eliminate obesity and improve cardiopulmonary function.

Walking is recommended for easy aerobic exercise

Moderate exercise is the basis of health promotion. “People with a lot of physical activity and those who exercise a lot have total mortality, ischemic heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, colon cancer, etc. “Low morbidity and mortality” is recognized

Walking is the first exercise you want to get into when you want to practice your exercise habits.

It helps prevent lifestyle-related diseases, does not require special equipment, and does not burden the knees and lower back, so anyone can easily get started. If you overdo it and feel pain, you may want to go to an osteopathic or osteopathic clinic.

According to the “Physical Activity Standards for Health Promotion 2013” released by the Health Bureau of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the standard for physical activity (living activity / exercise) for 18-64 years old is “Physical activity with intensity of 3 METs or more 23. Mets / hour / week. Specifically, walk or perform physical activity of equivalent or higher intensity for 60 minutes or more every day. “

Mets is a unit that indicates the intensity of activity by “how many times more energy is consumed compared to when resting is 1”. Walking is an activity of 3 mets, as described above. It is also included in the physical activity recommended by the guidelines.

As a guideline for the number of steps, it is recommended to make “10,000 steps a day” a habit. If the stride per step is 70 cm, 10,000 steps is equivalent to walking about 7 km in distance.

Ingenuity to walk diligently in the gap time

Even if you try to walk 10,000 steps a day = about 7 km, it is physically and time-consuming to walk that much at a time. Therefore, let’s make it a habit to walk diligently by utilizing the “gap time”.

You can increase the number of steps by accumulating a little time by devising such things as “walking without using vehicles or elevators” and “making it a habit to take a walk in the morning and evening”.

Create opportunities to move your body by walking lightly, such as “moving diligently” and “using a distant toilet” during work, and “walking” and “going out for meals” during lunch breaks.

In addition, measuring the number of steps with a pedometer allows you to know the current number of steps, and by experiencing the increase in the number of steps, it leads to continuous motivation and helps to establish habits.

These days, there are plenty of ways to record your steps, such as smartphone apps and wristband-type activity meters, so choose an easy-to-use device.

If you get tired of just taking a walk, you can bring a portable music player and enjoy walking while listening to your favorite songs.

Incorporate walking into your daily routine in a way that is easy for you to become a habit.

Good sleep is essential for good health

Good sleep is essential for good health. If you just want to give priority to work, housework, and hobbies and sacrifice your sleep time, make sure you understand why lack of sleep is bad for your health and aim to ensure good sleep.

If you use smoking cessation aids, you will not be frustrated even if you have a hard time quitting smoking.

Smoking causes many illnesses. On the other hand, it is also true that some people cannot quit smoking even if they know that it is bad for their body, and even if they quit smoking, they may be frustrated on the way.

For those who want to quit smoking but can’t quit, we recommend using smoking cessation aids.

The health hazard of smoking is great

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, “Tobacco has many cancers such as lung cancer, laryngeal cancer, oral / pharyngeal cancer, esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, bladder cancer, renal pelvis / urinary tract cancer, pancreatic cancer, etc. It is a risk factor for many diseases such as ischemic heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, chronic obstructive lung disease, and periodontal disease, as well as pregnancy-related abnormalities such as low birth weight infants and premature birth. ” Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website “Tobacco”).

If you want to avoid the risk of getting such a disease, you should start smoking cessation immediately.

Also, be careful about the harm caused by “new cigarettes” such as heat-not-burn electronic cigarettes.

According to the “Request Form” submitted by the Japan Society for Quit Smoking in July 2017, new cigarettes “contain nicotine as well as cigarettes” and “various carcinogenicity like cigarettes”. It has been pointed out that there are several problems such as “contains substances” and “unlike cigarettes, it is difficult to see the harmful substances generated”.

Some non-smoking restaurants may say, “Only iQOS can smoke,” but be aware that it cannot be said that heat-not-burn electronic cigarettes are not harmful to your health.

Why it is difficult to quit smoking on your own

According to the “Standard Procedures for Smoking Cessation Treatment” of the Japanese Circulation Society, “The essence of smoking habits is nicotine addiction, and very few smokers can quit smoking for a long period of time only by their own will. It is said that it is clear.

Nicotine contained in cigarettes produces dopamine, which controls pleasure, but when the blood concentration of nicotine decreases, withdrawal symptoms (so-called withdrawal symptoms) are caused.

Withdrawal symptoms cause smokers to feel “irritated” and smoke, and to eliminate the discomfort.

The reason why you can’t quit smoking even if you want to quit smoking is not because you have a weak will, but because it is a “disease” called nicotine addiction.

Smoking cessation aids you want to use

Because it is difficult to quit smoking with the power of will, we would like to utilize “smoking cessation aids” that suppress withdrawal symptoms, and there are three types: “nicotine patch”, “nicotine gum”, and “drinking medicine (varenicline)”.

According to the “Standard Procedures for Smoking Cessation Treatment” of the Japanese Circulation Society, the success rate of smoking cessation is about 1.7 times and 1.4 times higher with nicotine patch and nicotine gum, and about 2.3 times higher with varenicline, respectively. I know.

Nicotine patch is a patch that absorbs nicotine through the skin, and one sheet is applied to the skin every day to suppress withdrawal symptoms.

Nicotine gum is a gum preparation that absorbs nicotine from the mucous membrane in the mouth to suppress withdrawal symptoms, and is a smoking cessation aid that chews one cigarette at a time when you want to smoke.

Varenicline is a smoking cessation aid that suppresses not only withdrawal symptoms during smoking cessation but also the satisfaction of smoking, and is characterized by not containing nicotine.

You can get nicotine gum at a pharmacy drugstore, and take medicine (varenicline) by a doctor.

Nicotine patches are available for medical purposes prescribed by doctors and over-the-counter drugs that can be purchased at pharmacies and drug stores if they are commercially available.

“It is difficult to chew nicotine gum during work in the hospitality business, so I would like to use a nicotine patch.” Consider your lifestyle and constitution, choose an easy-to-use smoking cessation aid, and try to quit smoking.

Toothbrush + interdental care goods are effective for tooth care

Dental health is essential for proper chewing of food. It is recommended that you leave 20 of your own teeth in order to achieve a satisfying diet.

Daily self-care is important so as not to damage the health of your teeth.

Protect your dental health with daily self-care

If you eat food and do not brush your teeth for a while, white sticky things will stick to your teeth.

In fact, this white sticky substance is not the residue of food, but the “plaque” in which bacteria have propagated.

Dental plaque causes tooth decay and periodontal disease, and as tooth decay and periodontal disease progress, it causes tooth loss. Removing plaque with daily brushing is the first step to protecting your dental health.

For interdental care, use dental floss or an interdental brush

“Interdental care goods” should be added after brushing with a toothbrush.

It is difficult to completely remove the plaque between the teeth with a toothbrush alone, and it will inevitably leave unpolished residue.

Dental floss is made of a bundle of fine fibers such as nylon, and there are types that are used by wrapping it around your finger, and types that have floss on the handle made of plastic.

An interdental brush is recommended for those with wide teeth.

For those who think “I don’t know which interdental goods suit my teeth” or “I want to know how to use them effectively”, oral care such as dentists and dental hygienists at the time of consultation at the dental clinic or dental examination. Ask a dentist.

Get regular care at the dentist’s office

If plaque is left untreated, it will calcify and become tartar. Once tartar is formed, it can hardly be removed by itself.

Home care is the basis of dental health, but you should also regularly remove tartar and clean your teeth at the dentist’s office.

According to the research results, “regular tartar removal, tooth surface cleaning and early treatment by regular oral examination are important to prevent tooth loss” (Source: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website “Dental Health”).

Even if you think that you should go to the dentist only after you are worried about tooth pain, from now on, for “prevention of dental-related diseases”, care at the dental clinic before you feel a tooth disorder. Let’s keep in mind.

Daily lifestyle is very important for maintaining and improving your health.

If the habit you started once is likely to become a three-day priest, you can change it to a method that you can comfortably implement, such as a method that suits your lifestyle and interests.

Keep in mind that some illnesses progress without any subjective symptoms, and aim to become a habit of healthy habits while you are healthy.

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