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The Waterproof Phone!

Mobile phones are commonly found on every hand these days but people comment that they desire an all in one package. Sony an established brand in the electronic industry understands this wish of the mobile phone users and has launched an exciting mobile phone which seems to be the one that will beat many other Smartphone companies.

Sony Xperia

Sony Xperia Z is a complete package with all the requirements of a Smartphone. Moreover its screen size is considered to be the largest amongst other popular Smartphones of today’s era.  The most appealing and demanded features of this phone is its waterproof technology. This phone if falls in the toilet can remain in the water for 30 minutes without any damage and the user can also enjoy using this phone while taking a bath.Sony Xperia

Along with the unique waterproof feature this phone consists of the android operating system and a camera of 13 mega pixels which takes best quality video and picture shots in low light as well. Along with the phone itself the headphones are also waterproof and you can enjoy your favorite music while swimming. The body of the phone is made with the strongest metal along with a durable glass. The phone with being a water resistant phone is also capable of resisting dust. A complete entertainment package is available for the user to fulfill his all the entertainment needs such as watching movies, listening songs, capturing video and playing games. The internet accessing can also be easily done by way of its fast processor such as you can access Google maps, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

This creation of Sony has made the mobile phone freaks go mad by creating a hype of a water resistant phone which no other company planned to launch. The Sony Xperia Z is an ultimate innovation which will take Sony to high level of revenues.


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