The Tempting Pepper Steak!

It is not always that you can have luxurious food in the restaurants only. You can also make the yummy and highly luxurious food at your home as well. Having a yummy and delicious pepper steak is a wish that every person has after every few days. But definitely it is not possible to pay a visit on a daily basis to any expensive restaurant to have such food. Therefore you can also make this kind of food at your home in a low budget and at the same time you can enjoy an amazing taste.


  • 2 Under cut beef pieces of 16 Oz total,
  • Half teaspoon salt,
  • Half teaspoon black pepper (crushed),
  • Half teaspoon garlic paste,
  • One tablespoon Worcestershire sauce,
  • Half teaspoon mustard paste,
  • One tablespoon oil,
  • Two tablespoons chopped onion,
  • One tablespoon plain flour,
  • Two tablespoons butter,
  • Half teaspoon white pepper,
  • One cup chicken stock,
  • Two onions sliced,
  • Mushrooms,
  • One tablespoon brown sugar.


Beat the pieces of meat with the help of a hammer till flatten and marinate the pieces in black pepper, salt, garlic paste, Worcestershire sauce, and mustard paste. Leave the meat for 2 to 3 hours.pepper steak

In a separate pan take oil, butter and chopped onion and let the onions fry till golden brown. Add chicken stock, white pepper and flour. Make sugar syrup and add in the same pan. This batter will turn into a sauce form for the steak and when the sauce is done keep it aside.

Take the sliced onion in another separate pan and let it cook till soft with brown sugar. Once it softens add a half tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce and keep it aside when done.

Take a grill pan and put the marinated pieces of beef in the pan add some butter and oil in the pan and some Worcestershire sauce to taste. Cook it till it is completely done. When it is cooked perfectly add the sauce made previously and the onions. Serve with sliced mushrooms and your favorite vegetables on a sizzling plate and you can also make sidelines of mashed potato or French fries whichever you like.pepper steak

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