The Spicy Thai Soup

Thai food is always a favorite of everyone. People pay a lot of money to have authentic Thai food in the restaurants. Visiting to expensive restaurants is not possible all the time in order to fulfill your desire to have Thai food. Amongst the Thai food the most favorite is considered to be the soup which you can easily prepare at your home at less cost and yummy taste. All you need to do is to follow the below given recipe and enjoy the soup with your family.


  • One chicken breast piece,
  • Six cups stock of chicken,
  • One cup rice (boiled),
  • One fourth cup lemon juice,
  • Four green chilies,
  • One teaspoon corn flour,
  • One tablespoon sugar,
  • Two tablespoon oil,
  • One teaspoon white pepper,
  • One and a half teaspoon salt,
  • Ginger cut into juliennes one tablespoon.The Spicy Thai Soup


Slice the chicken breast into thin pieces and marinate it with salt and pepper. In a separate pan add oil and fry the ginger juliennes in it, when ginger juliennes are fried add stock in it and when there comes a boil in the stock add lemon juice, sugar, marinated chicken and green chilies. Cook the soup for ten to 15 minutes. After the soup is cooked add corn flour and stir for few minutes after that add boiled rice and stir with a spoon. Dish out the soup and serve hot with garlic breads. This yummy soup will give you the same taste as you have in restaurants and you won’t be requiring much money to be spent on it.The Spicy Thai Soup

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