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The seawater will now be drinkable in half an hour

The seawater will now be drinkable in half an hour
The seawater will now be drinkable in half an hour

To make seawater drinkable, the global research team has developed a filter with the help of modern technology that can make a large amount of seawater drinkable in less than 30 minutes. It is powered by solar energy. The special thing about the filter is that it works in an environmentally friendly way. Experts say the development will provide millions of people around the world with clean drinking water and use this energy in a much better way than current sanitation methods.

According to Professor Hunting Wang, who led the project, people living in remote areas can benefit the most. This specially designed filter can produce hundreds of liters of drinking water per day and requires only sunlight to clean, making the process low energy, low cost and sustainable.

Organometallic compounds or MOFs are used to make filters. These include the metal from which the crystalline material is formed. During the cleaning process, the filter, called PSP, MIL53, first absorbs the salt and then exposes it to sunlight. This process takes less than four minutes. During this time, the filter is able to re-absorb the salt in the water.

The World Health Organization recommends that good quality drinking water contain less than 600 milligrams per liter of total soluble solids (TDS). Researchers recommend less than 500 milligrams of TDS in just half an hour. They have succeeded in creating MOF filters for obtaining and using in sunlight. This process has succeeded in filtering harmful particles from water and producing one kilogram of MOF 139.5 liters of clean water daily. Professor Wang, from the university’s Department of Chemical Engineering, sees water purification as a viable way to alleviate water shortages around the world.

Semi-brackish water has more soluble salts than fresh water and less soluble than seawater. Therefore, their purification process is reliable. Due to the low energy consumption of this technology and the need for no chemicals during this process, Wang says that this new solar energy technology will solve the problem of clean water in the future. Will be helpful in resolving.

Solar energy has long been used for filtering, where water vapor is formed and fresh water is produced. But more water is needed for domestic use, so it takes several hours. We use sunlight to recycle our materials and it only takes a few minutes. At present, the price is not fixed. Experts hope that after further research it will be available at a lower price.

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