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The Road To Depression: Emotional Eating

Although Depression and Emotional Eating represent two different affections, there is a relationship of reciprocity between those. In many cases, the main reason for people suffering from excess weight is an older depression, which was not treated in time, which manifested as emotional eating.


Emotional eating means to eat even when you are not hungry, and to transform food in a reason for dependency. It is as dangerous as any other drug, especially because it works directly with the brain.emotional hunger


The statistics say that one person out of five suffer from depression. The rate of depression is directly proportional with the rate of obesity, so we can say that those two diseases are connected. in fact, studies made in Holland stated that the main cause of obesity is depression (in a percentage of 60%)


Why people eat when they are depressed?


Emotional eating is a method for depressed persons to feel better for a few minutes. This is also a secondary effect for some people that quit smoking. The persons that created a habit in opening the fridge anytime they are stressed would eat a lot more than normally needed, just to satisfy those emotional problems.


Many people that use this trick to “deceive” those emotions are fully aware of what they are doing. Some reach the point in which they eat during the night, so the other members of the family won’t see them, which creates a feeling of guilt. They also promise themselves that this is the last time when they are doing that, so they feel a relaxation on a short term. Other people use food as a prize for any small achievement. Many times, those “achievements” are invented just to eat more.emotional hunger


Therefore, there is a connection between “emotional hunger” and depression. However, ignoring it will make it go away in the majority of times. The persons that feed this need will never be full, as satiety is only a temporary illusion. They will enter a vicious circle, and if they are not able to stop in time, they will trigger other problems like bulimia.


How we distinguish emotional hunger from normal hunger?


Emotional hunger appears suddenly, not gradually, as in the case of the physical need to eat. The normal hunger starts from the stomach, and it creates physical reactions. The emotional hunger creates a state of mental discomfort. This is why it is important for this to be diagnosed by the doctor, which will probably give some solutions also.

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