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The magic of technology updates

The terminology FAD fits quote perfectly for technology. Technology is such a thing that if not updates, will lose its charm eventually hence constant technology updates are very essential in order to keep the audience on the go and entertained. The technology market is so immensely competitive that one must constantly be in search of news ways to update technology or else the competing brand will take away the customers other than obviously those who are loyal. This war is most eminent between apple and Samsung. Both of these technology giants introduce new phones one after the other so that the competition remains intact and customers aren’t lost.

Human nature has many sub parts out of which one is boredom. We tend to get bored of a song if we listen to it all the time, we have to change our wardrobe every now as new trends step in the market and so on and so forth. There are very few things that one doesn’t want to trend up to such as perfumes and makeup. These are things we can use for years without getting bored, however even with these we may want to try out something new and something different, blaming it all on curiosity.

Considering this trait that every human being possesses, it’s obvious that technological gadgets also get boring after some time and as soon as technology updates takes place, we want to purchase it and use it. Being an apple iPhone lover, I know the struggle of using an iPhone 5s knowing the iPhone 6s is already out in the market. The feeling is horrible and struggle is real as they call it.

This is the reason why big companies work all year round to come up with the best technology updates that will keep the customer satisfied. Technology updates could have many faces. They could be a change in the camera, a change in the sustainability of the phone and much more, for example, Samsung brought about a very prominent technology update of using the phone underwater. This was a much hyped up technology update of the year and it is heard that the new iPhone 7 may have this feature as well.

Another much talked about technology update among many other technology updates of the year was apples super low power display. This new update is said to help the customers in saving battery considering how quickly the iPhone turns from green to red. I bet this technology update is one every iPhone lover is waiting for, I am for sure. It’s terrifying to have charged your phone all night just to have it die on you when you need it the most in the middle of the day.

All of this just makes me feel grateful for the time I have been born in. For a second, stop and Imagine your life without all these technology updates. How difficult and time consuming would every task have been if we were deprived of the technology advances we have today.

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