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The Effects Of Covid-19 May Be Related To Blood Type

The Effects Of Covid-19 May Be Related To Blood Type

Experts from all over the world are working to develop vaccines and drugs for the corona virus that has spread around the world. Scientists in Germany and Norway have recently discovered that certain blood groups Covid-19 can be more harmful to pregnant people. Scientists have long suggested that genetic factors could play a key role in preventing the corona virus.

The study, led by Tom Carlson, a researcher at the University Hospital in Oslo, and Andre Franke, a researcher at the University of Kiel in Germany, collected medical data on 1,610 patients with Covid-19. The patients were treated in hospitals in Spain and Italy. Researchers analyzed medical data and found that those with A + blood group had more harm to their breath than those suffering from Covid-19.

People with other blood groups have a better immune system against the virus. According to a study by Chinese experts, the average number of people infected with Covid-19 had more than average blood type A. He noted that people with other blood groups had better immunity to the disease. And they are less likely to get malaria, while people with group A have a relatively high resistance to the plague.

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