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The best depression apps

The best depression apps
The best depression apps

If you are suffering from depression, there is an option of psychiatric treatment and medication to improve your mood and quality of life. They are also using support to restore and maintain their health. If you are very busy and you do not have time to go to your doctor, you can reduce your depression by downloading any of the best apps on your mobile phone. Yes, it is true that mobile apps are not a substitute for professional treatment but they can be very helpful.

Depression CBT Self-Help Guide

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is central to the treatment of depression. With this free application you can learn more about CBT and how it can help you deal with depression. This application also includes screen tests to measure the severity of your depression. To keep yourself in a positive mood and in a good mood, it has special tabs tracking features, which also guide you through meditations to avoid depression.

Positive Thinking

Take advantage of the power of positive thinking to improve your overall mental health. This application provides positive references to keep your mind focused on positive thoughts. There are also positive messages that keep you in the mood.

Operation Reach Out

This app helps to protect many elderly people and men working in the military from depression. It is specifically designed for veterans. It has a lot of links and videos to help relieve depression. If you see one of your loved ones suffering from depression, you can tell them to use this app.

Fight Depression Naturally

Many people do not seek treatment for depression and seek to reduce it naturally. The Fight Depression Naturally app helps you to cope with depression with a healthy diet, lifestyle and restful sleep. In it you will find yoga techniques, sayings that have a good effect and sounds in nature. With this app you can reduce your depression naturally.


Delive is a micro diary app that keeps track of your emotions. You do not need to type anything, just select the videos and icons according to your mood and then this app tracks the fluctuations of your mood. You can also use the journaling tool to note down your impressions and ideas, but this app will make it even easier if you want a simple and quick procedure to suit your mood.


People with depression and other mental health problems feel better when they are supported by others. TalkLife is an online community for people looking for support. You can post it anonymously at your own pace and fight gossip with anyone. This app provides a secure platform to deal with depression whenever you need help and you want to help others.

Depression Anxiety Stress Test

If you want to know the level of depression or anxiety at any time, this app will help you diagnose it and tell you about your depression, anxiety and stress. It will also help you to understand the current situation, including urgency and impatience. Once you know all this, you can improve it and know your mood whenever you want.

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