The beauty of beauty mole

Beauty mole has its own worth. Beauty mole can be of black or brown color. They can be on your face, neck or on shoulder. Men and women both can have beauty mole. Mole on face is also the slogan of fashion and it is also comes in and out in fashion. When it comes in fashion people use artificial mole to look great as it plays a very vital role in fashion and look. It looks great on almost every one.
Moles can be small or very small. They can be small as a tiny pinpoint and it can be smaller than 0.25 inches or 6mm. Moles can smooth, hairy or flat. The moles which are bigger in size cannot be called beauty mark because they are not enhancing our beauty.  The moles which are smaller in size and are on the right place they can be called beauty spot. Mostly the moles which are known as beauty mark and people like them are on lips, cheeks, eyes or on forehead.
If we talk about artificial beauty mark, then during 18th century artificial beauty mark was very much famous in England and France. It was like doing two things with one. It was also used to cover up scars, pimple, etc. and also enhances the beauty. Some people judged the personality of person by moles. Majority thinks that if a person having mole near eyebrows has a great and strong personality, and a person is very creative if he have in the center of forehead.
As we told you earlier that beauty mole were come and out in fashion. Due to this fashion people who liked it very much they tattooed it on their face for permanent. Beauty mole gives you an extra ordinary look. There are many celebrities having beauty mole on their face, and their fans follow them by having artificial beauty mole. Many think that it is the sign of creativity and good health. If you want to have beauty mole on your face and you don’t want it permanent then you can use eye liner for it. You can use black or brown eye liner to draw artificial eye liner and can get a beauty mark look. We will tell you more about beauty mark in our coming articles which will be on the tips to remove moles or to have moles on your face.

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