The Art of Fashion photography

A lot of people aren’t aware that Fashion Photography is a form of art. It is not just your everyday basic photography; it is the photography of clothing items, all kinds of fashion merchandise and even hair & makeup. Fashion photography requires a photographer to have set of distinctive skills, a vision and a sense of great fashion. Fashion photography is an exciting and extravagant field.

All that makes a good Fashion Photographer

To be a good fashion photographer you must possess a set of distinctive and creative photography skills. A fashion photographer must have great knowledge of the fashion world. A fashion photographer must also know his way around a camera and good photography equipment as well as knowledge regarding different kinds of light exposures. But most importantly a fashion photographer must be a creative visionary and be bold to constantly experiment as well as create new ideas and ways to enhance the look of the product or model which is being photographed. A fashion photographed must be aware of the history of fashion and latest trends and styles as long as creating trends of your own. It is more than just taking pictures of models promoting the brand- it is an art where your job is to understand and execute the vision and creation of the designer in your own distinctive style

Job Opportunities in the field of Fashion Photography

Fashion photography requires a photographer to work on different locations or sets to capture photographs for advertisements of different brands, magazines etc. The demand for fashion photography is very high and is a very well paid job, if you possess that unique streak of innovation and originality. It is a vast field where fashion photographers are commissioned for advertisement purposes in a lot of publications for example websites, high fashion magazines catalogues and Sunday supplements. It all depends on where your focus is; whether you want to be a high fashion photographer or work for a website or a mail order catalog photographer.

Where to begin, in order to be a Fashion photographer?

However, you have got to start at the bottom by taking up a job as an assistant photographer. Fashion photography is all about experience. A job as an assistant photographer gives you an idea of what the field of fashion photography is all about. It allows you the chance to be familiar with important and influential personalities in not just in the industry of fashion photography but also in the modeling, art and fashion industry as well. You can use this experience to make contacts in the fashion industry and create an impressive portfolio of all the fashion shoots you have assisted as well as a list of references. Fashion photography is all about creativity and skills, so use this job experience to develop the basic knowledge of how to conduct a fashion shoot and work on the set and how to execute and present your work because in the industry of fashion photography, professionalism always counts.

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