The art of fashion illustration

Fashion Illustration is an art itself. It is the art of creating designs for any fashion merchandise, be it Clothes, shoes, hand bags, jewelry or even hairstyles. A fashion illustration is drawn, painted or created through graphic designing too at times. Fashion illustration is the execution of a designer’s vision of how he wants his creation to be like and how he wants to promote it. This visual delight has been around for almost five hundred years. Drawing or creating a fashion illustration isn’t an easy task; however there are basic techniques you must learn and knowledge you must possess that can help you do so.

Tools you need for making a fashion illustration:

  • Sketching Pencils, Eraser and a sharpener
  • Colored sketching pencils, paints or sketch pens (any medium you are comfortable using)
  • Paper
  • Drafters brush
  • Regular ruler , Different shaped stencils and French curves
  • Utility knife
  • Catalogs and reference books to help you draw and seek inspiration

How to make a Fashion Illustration

First step is to draw the fashion figure. Divide the page into a grid and add the basic landmarks (Head, shoulders, waist, hips, and legs). Each person has their own way; perception and style of drawing a fashion figure differs so just draw according to your ideal fashion figure. However the height of most fashion figures may be divided into 7 to 9 proportions to help make it easier to draw a sketch. After you have completed creating a basic figure, transfer it onto a fresh paper.

Then you must find you signature style of the fashion figure, something that makes it unique and stand out from others. The key is to find what inspires you the most and incorporate that into your sketch. Add a signature look to your illustration. After that you need to focus on fabrics and detailing your illustration which is another important step to create a fashion illustration. You must know how to draw a fabric to get your idea across the table. For that you need to be familiar with different materials and textures of fabrics and prints.

They key for every fashion illustration is in the detailing; Detailing of the fabric and its stitching. Collect various samples of fabrics as inspiration and notice the patterns. Try to sketch it out as you see it and how you want it to be. For example if you want to draw flower patterns then first create a flower design. Enhance it with adding a different pattern of leaves or shape and then divided it into vertical or horizontal columns or spread it across; however your want to design it. It’s the same for almost every pattern and texture; always create it step by step starting from the base.

The final and finishing touch to your fashion illustration is the entire look. How you accessorize your look by adding statement jewelry pieces or by a particular hair style to go with the look. In the end it is all about your imagination and vision.

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