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The 5 most common bad habits

As you know that Old habits die hard. These habits got weight. Every person has their own bad habits. There are some habits which are very common among people. We are going to tell you some most popular bad habits of people and there are also explanations behind why these habits take part and much hard to get rid of them. These habits maybe impulsive behaviors, feels good, or stress reducers. Here are some common bad habits that are so difficult to leave.

1. Nail Biting
Nail biting is not a dangerous habit but is also not good habit. No one wants to have this habit even after the age of 30 because this habit doesn’t leave us. Nail biting is the bad habit which comes at first place. People usually bite nail when they are feeling nervous. There are some useful tips with the help of which you can have control on this habit. First tip is that you must keep your nails short so that you cannot bite it easily. You can also find bitter nail coating that deter biting. One more tip is that you can wear glove or band aid to avoid this habit.

2. Playing with Hair
This habit is popular in both genders but it is mostly popular in girls. It shows nervousness of people and it is anxious habit which provides satisfaction and comfort. I also have this habit of playing with hair. For some people this habit is boring and makes your hair unhealthy. This habit makes your hair weak and damages them a lot. This habit damages the standard of your hair. The best way to get rid of this habit is to give your hands a distraction. Stay away from stress and you will automatically get rid of this habit.

3. Eating Snacks Late At Night
There is a popular trend that many people eat snacks after having dinner. According to research it has been proved that late night eating is not good for our health. It disturbs weight gain and sleep deprivation. This habit is the product of biology. This can cause inner problem to circadian system, and can cause hunger and carving from sweet. This habit becomes more disturbing while watching TV late at night. Late night watching TV support this habit a lot to become more. There are many tricks to resist carvings. You must be aware about diet. You must eat healthy food.

4. Avoiding Eye Contact
At one point everyone feel guilty or become shy to make eye contact while conversation. For many people avoiding eye contact can be horrible and terrible habit. Majority of people are not aware about this bad habit. Often avoiding eye contact is an indicator of   insecurity. According to survey t has been proved that people who make eye contact with others are more skilled, personable, likable, trustworthy and confident than others. You must be conscious about your body language and make some effort to improve it.


5. Skipping Breakfast
it is becoming common habit of people to avoiding breakfast. Majority of people are in much hurry in the morning. Majority of people don’t get time to assemble breakfast. This is one of the most dreadful habits which affect our health a lot. Some believes that by skipping breakfast they can avoid calories. Breakfast can make our brain strong and can make us healthy. According to research it has been proved that breakfast improve our focus and performance and it helps us lot in gaining much improvement. You must make your habit to have breakfast in the morning. You must set an alarm and must eat breakfast, like eggs, milk, toast, yogurt, etc.

we told you the top five bad habits. We selected the five major bad habits which are much common in people. You must keep an eye on these habits and try to get rid of these habits. Because these habits can only cause harm to you. I know it is hard to get rid of it but you must take time and avoid these habits.  You should take time and get rid of these bad habits as soon as possible 

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