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Tech Library With No Books

Books are considered as the best friend of man. People were used to read books to get information and education and to have a good time. The library was considered a place stuffed with books on every subject. However, now technology has changed the things and we can have libraries without any books.

In Bexar County, San Antonio, a digital library is planned for fall 2013. It will be the first Bookless library of the country. There will be nothing but the e – books only.

More than 4,000 square foot space is allocated for this library. Steve jobs Biography inspired the judge of the county to establish this library. There will be aisles of computers only. 100 e – readers will circulate in the library. 50 additional e – reader will be available for kids as well. Initially 50 computers and 25 laptops are planned. Moreover, the library will  also  have 25 tablets as well.

According to the Judge, he is trying to provide best and latest services to the community. The library will help the users to take out the books on all devices and they can bring their own e books to the library. Users will be able to access more than 10,000 book titles. Authorities are still taking suggestion for the improvement.

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