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Table PC – Lenovo Come Up With 27’ Screen

The use of mini tablets is increasing. Google releases its 7 inch tablet called as Nexus. It was available for just $ 199. Apple joined the club by releasing iPad mini, the size of Mini is half as compared to regular tablet of Apple. iPad mini can easily fit in a large pocket.

However, some manufacturers are thinking in another direction. Microsoft come up with a tablet, which was having a 10.6 inch screen, an inch more in size than iPad. And now, we can see the tablets as large as a big TV.

Idea Centre Horizon Table PC is the new product of Lenovo, which is commonly called as interpersonal PC. This window 8 tablet has 27 inch screen and manufacturer want people to use it just like a tablet,  keeping it flat on their tables.

This huge tablet can be used by different people at a time. Player of digital games will love to have  it. Lenovo offers a wide range of applications too.  However, there is still  a confusion that how many of these applications are for this  big screen. But it can run Android applications too.

This is a really interesting innovation and people will love to have it on their tables.

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