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Summer Makeup!

The changing season changes almost everything. You change your entire wardrobe including your clothes, shoes and bags, your collection of accessories and your hairstyling as well. Along with all these things your makeup trend also needs change with the changing season. You can’t stick to one single style of makeup for the whole year, during summers your outlook has to be different as compared to what you usually have during winters. Summer Makeup!

In winters it looks fine if you’re you give yourself a heavy look with makeup because the weather is cool however in summers you can’t give yourself a heavy look of makeup as this will not be acceptable to others and neither to you. During summers a person sweats too much and if you overdo your makeup all your makeup will melt and you will look horrible within few hours.

During summers it is always good to keep yourself having a natural look with just a lip gloss. However if you are an office going women or you have to pay a visit to any party or formal gathering, you need to apply some makeup. The makeup you apply during summers should be natural, below are few tips suggested that can be helpful for you in order to have makeup being applied during summers.

Rather than using a base on your skin the best choice in summers is to go for a powder. You can take a powder pancake of a good company according to your skin shades and apply a single layer of it to give your face a fresh and clean look.

When it comes to eyes, try to keep your eye makeup soft and soothing by using light colors. While applying an eye liner don’t go for a thick and heavy eye lining rather apply a single and a thin line of eyeliner. As far as the eye shadows are concerned you may go for soft peach, light pink, cream and white blended with little silver color. All these shades will give you a soft and natural look.

Lipstick shades that you may apply may vary. If you are going for a matte lipstick orange is the summer shade that you may apply. When going for a glossy one you can pick peaches and pink.Summer Makeup!

Keep your makeup limited to just the things suggested above as it will give a natural look without any melting makeup. You can apply the above suggested makeup at work as well as at formal occasions.

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