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Summer Brings Buns!

During the summer season the sweaty weather doesn’t allow you to keep your hair open, and if you are amongst the ladies having curly hair your frizzy hair won’t let you breathe in the heat. Even if you straighten your hair you can never enjoy the look for a long time as after half an hour your hair would mess up like you haven’t combed or brushed them since ages. This hassle of hair in the summer demands something neat, elegant and long-lasting. So, in order to make you get rid of this issue we are going to provide you some amazing hairstyles of different buns that will make you look beautiful in the dreading sun as well.summer buns

You can try a low bun with one sided set bangs that will give you a perfect look when going at work. This hairstyle would remain neat and tidy the whole day and you will not face any worry regarding your hair throughout the day. All you need to do is just wash your hair well and with the help of a hair dryer straighten them. Tie all your hair in a pony tail except the bangs. Fold the hair of the ponytail around the band of the ponytail and pin it with the help of a nice clip. Take the bangs on one side and pin them as well. This is the quickest and most lasting bun that will keep you tidy throughout your day.

When going to a formal occasion in a summer evening you can also have a bun as a hairstyle that will give you an elegant look and with that it will also not annoy you in the melting weather. All you need to do is just take some hair cream and apply on your hair so that the hair may get some volume. Afterwards take all your hair in the opposite direction in the ponytail and make a round loop on your head. Pin the hair giving them a loose look. Don’t forget to leave a few of your hair in the front side and curl them with a curling iron and apply hair spray. A perfect loose bun with loose curly bangs would be an amazing outlook for a formal occasion.

summer buns

A bun with a braid is a perfect hairstyle which makes you look pretty and glamorous. All you need to do is to just take a small portion of your hair on either left or right side and tie a small braid and pin it with the help of bobby pins. Take the remaining hair in the form of a ponytail and make a bun in the normal way by wrapping the hair around your ponytail and pin it. This is a perfect choice for dinners with glamorous look.

Try the above suggested hairstyles and stop the disappointment and stress of hairstyles in the summer season by looking elegant and glamorous.


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