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Stuttering Awareness

Stuttering Awareness
Stuttering Awareness

We all have a story to tell about how stuttering has affected people’s lives, school days, jobs and social life. Affected people face a lot of trouble because of dealing with it and being ridiculed by others.

Although stuttering is not a common disease, there are still many people around us who suffer from it. According to experts, there are currently more than 70 million people worldwide (about one percent of the world’s population) who stutter. Are or whose language is written. They repeat the sound of a single letter over and over again during a conversation, unable to pronounce a single letter (usually the initial letter) in a word, and complete their sentence with great difficulty.

At the same time, such people also face other problems, such as frequent blinking of the eyes or trembling of the lips. They do not do this on purpose, but they do it involuntarily. Writing in the language is easily apparent. Such people are reluctant to talk to others, which affects their quality of life.

Usually such people start stuttering while talking on the phone or in a crowd. Most sufferers suffer from a lack of self-confidence, which can lead to many problems in life. Whenever you see someone stuttering around you, don’t make fun of them and train your children to do the same.

Today, World Language Awareness Day is being observed around the world to raise awareness of the plight of people with the same language stigma, with the aim of raising awareness about the disease. The theme chosen this year for this day is “Journey of Words.” Re-emerge and come back. “

Why do people stutter?

Experts say there are many causes for stuttering, including psychological and hereditary factors. Possible causes include stress at home, school or office, a genetic defect or a physical deficiency. Children are the most affected by this speech disorder. Most children stutter between the ages of two and five, an age when their ability to speak is increasing. An estimated 5% of children begin to stutter at this age. This stuttering is usually temporary which gradually gets better.

The human voice is created by the movement of many connected muscles. Breathing, muscle, lip and tongue movements play an important role in this process. The movement of the muscles in and around the throat is related to the mind. The brain monitors speech as well as listening and touching abilities.

Experts say that stuttering in children causes developmental delays, which often disappear with age, while in older people the problem can be caused by paralysis or brain injury. In such a situation, the society should consider stuttering as a ‘speech disorder’ instead of a disease. If a child shows signs of stuttering, he or she should be taken to a speech therapist immediately so that the child’s stuttering can be controlled at an early age.

Treatment of stuttering

Humming, reading aloud and talking can temporarily reduce stuttering. At present, the method of avoiding the stigma of language has not been discovered, however, different types of methods are used to treat it. The nature of the treatment depends on the person’s age, the purpose of the discussion and other factors. Speech therapy is usually given to young children. Experts believe that if children are treated at an early age, they will not have to deal with the problem later on.

Parents are advised to allow their children to have a positive atmosphere at home and to express their opinions in order to alleviate their stuttering, while they are also prohibited from interrupting at all times. Such children should be spoken to in a gentle tone so as not to put too much pressure on them. At the same time, such children need to be listened to and understood openly.

Speech therapy advises children to talk slowly, to breathe as much as possible, and to use short sentences. In addition, children are discussed about their lives and stress. Physicians usually recommend speech therapy to adults as well. Medications for stuttering are not considered appropriate, but medications can be given to relieve depression or stress.

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