Stunning Party makeup tips

Your face is the most important part of your body. If someone impress from you the first reason is your face. Makeup is the most important part which glorifies your skin and makes you more gorgeous. Everyone wants perfect look. Every girl do makeup but girls do a special makeup on some special events.
Mostly girls do makeup on parties. Regular makeup is much different from wedding, party or any other makeup. In our article you are going to get a lot about party makeup.

Party Makeup Tips:

1. Prepare Yourself for it:

Firstly you should prepare yourself. You should select your dressing and foot wear. You have to select them first because they will help you a lot in doing makeup and helps a lot in making an idea for your event.

2. Fair Skin:

Fair skin is the most important factor. If you have fair skin then it will leads you to a great confidence and great look. You should wash your face with warm water and sometimes rub ice cube gently on your face. You must use some good cream or lotion for your skin.

3. Base/ Primer:

You should apply a base on your face. This Is necessary for maintaining your makeup long and good. Apply foundation and a little bit face powder with brush on your face. Blush your cheeks.

4. Eye Makeup:

For eye makeup apply eye shadow and use eye liner. Then apply Mascara and use eyebrow pencil for beautiful eye makeup. Eyes define you in every way so give more importance to eye makeup.

5. Lips Makeup:

For better lips makeup you should shape your lips with lip liner pencil gently. Apply lip color and a little amount of lipstick on lips. And finally use a little amount of gloss for a better lip makeup.

6. Nail Makeup:

first you have to clean your nails and then apply a little amount of nail polish on them. You should wait for at least 7 minutes to wait before applying second cote of nail polish.

We told you some great tips about party makeup. Hope you are reading it and going to apply and follow our tips. Party makeup is a little bit different from other type of makeups. Party makeup is the most used makeup and majority of girls like it due to increase in number of parties. And you can say thanks to us later.

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