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Strong Bones Essential For A Healthy Life

Strong Bones Essential For A Healthy Life
Strong Bones Essential For A Healthy Life

Whether you are 20 or 40 years old, strong bones are essential for a healthy life at any age. Every part of the human body is connected in a coordinated way by the bones, the stronger they are, the healthier you will look. Most people seem to complain of bone and joint pain, especially after the age of 40, for which there is only one solution and that is choosing the right diet. The right diet for strong bones refers to the use of foods that contain calcium and vitamin D, which are important components in bone building. According to medical experts, every person up to the age of 50 should take 1000 mg of calcium and 200 IU (international units) of vitamin D in their diet, while people over the age of 50 should take 1200 mg of calcium and 400 IU to 600 IU of vitamin D in their diet.

However, it is important to know that there are some foods that are of no nutritional value, such as soda drinks and sweets, as they can weaken your bones. Now the question is, what are the foods that contain significant amounts of calcium and vitamin D. Here are some foods that can help strengthen your bones.

Fortified food

If you want healthy and strong bones, include fortified foods in your diet. These foods also contain extra nutrients along with vitamin D. Fortified foods can also be used for breakfast in the morning and at night when they are suddenly hungry.


Many breakfast cereals are low in calories and some are extremely healthy. To strengthen bones, use oatmeal for breakfast, which provides plenty of vitamin D. Before buying oatmeal, make sure you know what ingredients it is made of.

Salmon, sardines and tuna

Fish is also extremely beneficial for bones, which is why health experts recommend using fish twice a week as a way to protect against joint pain. Salmon, sardines and tuna are marine fish that are rich in vitamin D. Researchers say that the use of fish protects humans from drugs and treatments.


Milk is a healthy food that is easily available and is one of the top calcium providing foods. One glass of milk provides 30% of the daily requirement of calcium. This milk is good if it is fat free because it gives you only 90 calories. In Western countries, artificial vitamin D is now being added to milk to make it more nutritious.


When it comes to bone strength and not to mention eggs, how can this be? An egg contains only 6% of vitamin D, but it is a very easy source of vitamins. Egg yolks are rich in vitamin D.


Damson is a fruit that strengthens bones by 20% but most people are still unaware of its benefits. Helps to strengthen and protect the bones from radiation.


Did you know that cheese is also a healthy food? Experts say that cheese is thicker than yogurt. Cheese contains a large amount of calcium. If a person eats only 15.1 ounces of cheese a day, he gets 30% calcium, but cheese is a difficult stage to digest, so do not try to eat it in large quantities.


If you like to eat vegetables, use greens to strengthen your bones. The most calcium in vegetables is found in greens. One cup of greens provides 25% calcium. It also contains significant amounts of fiber, iron and vitamin A. Similarly, all green leafy vegetables also play an important role in strengthening bones. The specific amount of vitamin D in them is very important for the bones.

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