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Stretch marks and its treatments

Stretch marks can be of pink, red or purple color. These stretch marks often appear on the abdomen, breasts, thighs, upper arm etc. often they appears on the body of pregnant women. It mostly appears during the latter half of pregnancy.  If you want to get rid of stretch marks then treatment can make your stretch marks fade. But treatment usually doesn’t remove stretch marks completely.
Stretch marks firstly appear in red or purple color. The area which is affected to stretch marks are often becomes very soft. Stretch marks can occur on any part of your body but it mostly occurs on those places which contains large amount of fat. These places are abdomen, breast, upper and under arms, thighs, hips, etc. they are not dangerous for you and have no risk. Pregnancy promotes stretch marks. According to research it has been proved that creams and oils are much useful in reducing stretch marks.

Red Stretch Marks


Pink Stretch Marks


Purple Stretch Marks

There are many treatments for reducing stretch marks. Laser treatments are much useful for reducing these stretch marks. Laser treatment removes scare gently but it creates microscopic wounds. According to research of 5-6 treatments it resulted in striae improving as much as 80%. Clinical study shows that laser treatment improve texture and appearance of mature.  Many companies are making creams for removing stretch marks. There is another treatment by surgical process for removing stretch marks, which removes the skin below the navel where stretch marks usually occur.
One more treatment is the method to remove stretch marks naturally. You might be eating healthy food during your pregnancy. I know you are eating balanced food to make sure that you are giving enough vitamins and nutrients to your baby. Good food can improve your stretch marks and can improve your skin’s elasticity. You must add healthy food to your diet. You must eat such food which contains a lot amount of antioxidants. This is going to help your skin a lot. More food you should eat is spinach, blueberries, strawberries and fresh fruits and vegetables. You must prefer to eat such food which contains Vitamin E. Food containing Vitamin E protects skin cells. Also eat nuts and broccoli.
Food which contains Vitamin A helps in repairing skin tissues. Carrots, sweet potatoes, and mango are much useful. Food which contains Omega 3s helps in making our cell membranes healthy. It also makes our skin to glow.

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