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Straight Hair Style

A popular hairstyle, which need very little effort. You can make it on all occasions, and it suits all personalities. Very little effort is involved. This is suitable for all face shapes. If you have thin hair, you can give them the volume before straightening. If your hair are thick, you can go for straightening right away. You can wear this in everyday life and for functions as well.


You will need a hair gel, Paddle brush, flat iron and Hair spray to make this hairstyle. These things are easily available at home.


  1. Apply light weight gel to your hair.
  2. Blow dray your hair, you can use paddle brush for this purpose.
  3. Once all hair are dry, use flat iron to give the finishing touch.
  4. Apply Hairspray to keep hair straight for long.


You can use Hair spray with extra sheen to give a glamorous look to your hair.

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