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Spots and Pregnancy

Want to have a baby after marriage is the dream of every girl. But no one knows what happens with a girl during pregnancy. From which condition a girl passes. Different type of situations she has to face at any condition just to have a Baby.
There are many spots which show that a girl is pregnant. There are many things happening inside the body of a girl. And changes appear outside of the body.
During pregnancy there will many spots you can witness and you will know about them that these are the pregnancy spots.

During pregnancy a girl may have:

* Stretch marks,
*change in color of skin,
*Darker skin,
*Dark lines,
*Red veins on cheek,
*Skin becomes more sensitive,
*Broken veins,

(Stretch marks)

During pregnancy you can notice stretch marks. Stretch marks are very common in pregnancy. This is just because of pregnancy which stretches your skin more during pregnancy.  The marks fade and becomes changes its color in actual way in almost six months after pregnancy.


(Change in color of skin)

Normally skin color change happens during pregnancy. Many of girls become worry that change of color is harmful for them but there is no need of worry it is not harmful for you.
But be aware that change in color can be caused by other conditions, like unconnected to your pregnancy. So you should always visit your doctor.

(Darker skin)

when area of your skin turning dark this is the first sign that you are pregnant. This is the first sign which tells you about your pregnancy.

(Dark Lines)

The vertical line that appears down the middle of the belly is called a linea nigra. This is caused by pigmentation. It is due to hormone changes there position and for give a baby more space.

(Red veins on cheek)

Small blood vessels commonly known as spider veins usually appears in pregnancy. You should take extra care of your skin and you have to protect it from cold and heat.

(Skin becomes more sensitive)

During pregnancy girl’s skin becomes more sensitive. You should use sunscreen and you choose use loose cotton clothing.


It is very common that during pregnancy you have more itchiness. This is also the sign of pregnancy.

During pregnancy you have to take good care of yourself. You should keep in mind to have healthy diet. You should know about your food and you should use healthy food.
To get rid of stretch marks you can use anti-stretch mark cream. This cream will not give you much advantage but there is no dis-advantage of it.
There are many painful situations from where a girl has to pass during pregnancy that only a girl knows how she passes from it. Some spots we had told you in our article.

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