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In a society which largely stigmatizes any issues related to mental health, reactions ranging from keeping such occurrences on the down low to blatantly denying their existence, it is becoming increasingly important to cater to these issues with urgency. While the words “mental health,” may instantly bring to mind depression or Alzheimer’s disease, for example, mental health issues may easily be classified as those which almost everyone encounters on a daily basis, stress being a classic example.

Ensuring daily mental stability:

While it may be difficult to provide mental health first aid for diseases such as depression, for example, which may be best overcome by seeking help from a professional, the aforementioned problem of stress can be easily overcome by the person facing it.

It is almost impossible not to face stress in the rat race we are all involved in today. However, to minimize its occurrence, the following steps may be taken:

  • Make a plan:

As childish and time consuming as this may sound, I cannot stress on the wonders it works. Having a to-do list to check off of is not only rewarding but self-fulfilling. It also aids in providing a sense of control, which helps one to stay calm and on top of the situation.

  • Reward yourself:

When you achieve something on your list, give yourself a little treat! This could be anything from a chocolate to a power nap. This will serve as motivation and an energizer, leaving you more pumped up to achieve your goals.

  • Get your sleep:

To college students, in particular, the idea of 7-8 hours of sleep may seem ridiculous, particularly with the looming deadlines to be met, but once again, it is a fact which must not be overlooked. The right amount of sleep at night is imperative for healthy functioning of the brain and body and any deficiency will lead to a largely unproductive day.

These tips may help to avoid stress, but serve to be futile when faced with stress already. In such a scenario, one of the simplest yet effective activities is to take a few long, deep breaths and drink a glass of water. Exercise too, is a largely underrated stress reliever. The endorphin’s which are released after a good workout help to uplift one’s spirits almost instantaneously and provide a fresh perspective to solve the problem at hand.

Another simple way to deal with stress may be a good cup of coffee or tea shared with somebody to talk to. Healthy conversation too, is largely underrated as a stress reliever.


Before aiming to overcome mental diseases, it is first important to acknowledge their position as equally important to physical diseases. Mental health, particularly in Pakistan, has been stigmatized long enough and must be brought into the limelight. Before it becomes a widespread reality, measures must be taken to provide first aid to fight it off in its early stages and hence prevent danger.

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