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Sources Of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an important requirement of your body for many different reasons. Vitamin D helps making your bones strong and also helps your body to fight against different diseases such as cancer, acne on the skin, depression and much more. Vitamin D deficiency in the body may lead to suffering from pain in bones, asthma, and weak muscles. Many different medicines and injections are available in the market to meet your deficiencies of vitamin D; however the best way to fulfill your requirement of vitamin D is by using natural products such as in your daily meals.vitamin D sources

The food items that are rich in vitamin D and help you maintain the level of vitamin D required are given below:

The Salmon fish provide a high source of vitamin D in your body, the level of vitamin D provided by a small fillet of Salmon is enough to fulfill your daily requirement of vitamin D. Other fish such as Sole fish, Flounder fish, and Tuna fish are also a good source of vitamin D.

Intake of whole milk provides you a high level of vitamin however skim milk is also a source of vitamin D but the level of whole milk is far much higher than skim milk.

Eggs also provide a great level of vitamin D for your body and are also healthy in many other ways. Having an intake of eggs on a daily basis can keep you energetic and healthy the whole day.

Beef and pork also prove to be a great source of vitamin D. You can try this out with many different recipes and enjoy the yummy treat which also creates a source of vitamin D in your body.


Whereas cereal, cheese and mushrooms also provide a greater level of increase of vitamin D in your body. Cereal is considered to be a favorite breakfast of people in every age where mushrooms and cheese can be used in sandwiches and pizzas.

Apart from all the foods listed above regular exposure to the sun for 15 to 25 minutes is also a must and is the direct source of vitamin D.


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