Smoky eyemakeup style

Eyes are the window of our soul. Due to them women looks good and beautiful. And beauty of women always resembles to eyes. If a woman have beautiful eyes these girls look more beautiful. Today there is a trend to make eyes more beautiful with makeup. For this many styles were introduced. These styles can make our eyes more beautiful.
Smoky style is one of these styles. Smoky eyes trend is very old but you know it that “old is gold”. This is the reason that majority follow this style. They want to give smoky look to their eyes. Smoky eyes can convert your personality in a beautiful personality. Dark colors are use in smoky style. Some women think that we should not do such a makeup in summer. If you do some steps before applying makeup then you can do this makeup also in summer. In smoky eye makeup the most important thing is blending of color. If you blend colors beautifully then you can get beautiful result. Another tip is that with the use of dark color, use of light color is also very important.
Big eyes are considered more beautiful. Beauty lies in them. Smoky eye makeup looks fabulous on big eyes. Big eyes are naturally beautiful. It is much easy to do smoky makeup on big eyes. Girls having big eyes are very much lucky. Smoky look gives you extra ordinary look. Smoky eyes have got much publicity.

1. Foundation:
Ready your skin with foundation. Now it is time to start eye makeup. First remove oiliness from your eyes. Then apply foundation and apply light powder for better result.

foundation2. Eye shadow:
Smoky eye makeup is totally based on eye shadow. So do extra care about it. If you want extra look then apply eye shadow with wet brush. Don’t worries if eye shadow is expanding you can correct it later.

3. Blending:
After eye shadow blending is much important. Apply black eye shadow. End the blending on the corner of eyes. Make it a little bit long towards outside. This can gives you more beautiful look.

Now the eye makeup is completed and you can make it clear. For the beauty of eye lashes apply mascara on them this will give an elegant look to smoky eye style. You can do matching makeup to your lips. Smoky style is one of the most expanding and favorite style of girls.

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